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Palma de Mallorca industrial land in the industrial area of Marratxi L01300

in Marratxi, just a few miles outside the city of Palma de Mallorca, is the industrial area "Es Garrover". Here are 7 commercial plots for sale. Price: 600 € / m²
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In Marratxi, in close proximity to the highway and the Festival Park is the small industrial area "Es Garrover”. The Qualification of the industrial area is "Industrial y Servicios. The industrial area is fully developed, immediate start of construction is possible. On a total of 11.200m² land are plots of 2000m² and 2.400m² for sale. The maximum construction on each plot will be 5.000m² usable surfaces. A merger of several plots is possible.

Price: 600 € / m²

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