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Montuiri, large finca ruin overlooking the surrounding countryside F01651

Country house for sale with 700 sqm to be renovated living space and a great view between Porreres and Montuiri. Price: 695.000 €

Efficiency: F

Montuiri Finca mit viel Land zu renovieren auf Mallorca
  • Montuiri Finca mit viel Land zu renovieren auf Mallorca
  • Montuiri Landhaus zu renovieren mit großem grundstück auf Mallorca
  • Montuiri Immobilien kaufen in der Inselmitte von Mallorca
  • Montuiri Finca-Ruine zu renovieren bei Porreres

The region between Montuiri and Porreres in the middle of the island of Majorca has preserved its original charm and is known for its wines. Here you can enjoy the life in peace and in harmony with the nature. In the middle between the two villages this country house is situated on a 49.888 m² plot of land. The former farm is fenced with a stone wall and offers a magnificent view over the countryside up to the Sierra Llevante. In the main house and two cottages here 697 m² of living space can be renovated. The connection to the public water and electricity network is possible. Montuïri is one of the oldest towns in Mallorca. Among the Arabs, they formed one of the twelve districts in which the former was divided Mayurqa. The 8 mills of Molinar, which have survived today, have shaped the local profile. Their stone towers that used the wind as an energy source, are a living testimony of a dependent nature of soil and past. Over the centuries, new places and paths were added, but the medieval structure has remained clear until today. Price: 695.000 €