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Your own four walls in age pays off

What the Germans for years by advertising has been said, seems to agree: If you are a retired owner of a home can be described, has according to the Federal Statistical Office more money in your pocket than a comparable tenant.

Germany's first statistician calculated at a monthly rental of residential property is currently 530 Euro. This amount is a "second pension" to see than the average net monthly income of 2030 euros currently added.

For tenants in retirement, the financial strength significantly worse: Who to hire retired lives, has an average of only 1490 euro, without deduction of the monthly rent. Although home owners in a more cost for maintenance and repair costs than renters, the difference is not as serious as during the actual rent. Homeowners pay an average of 117 euros for repairs and maintenance, tenant only eleven euros.

Experts propose that the owners of residential housing in the long-term retirement to eight percent of household budgets decrease, while the tenant with 30 percent expected them.