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Without energy pass no selling or renting houses and apartments in Spain

The new Consumer Protection Law prohibited from 01 June 2013 the sale or rental of houses and flats without energy pass in Spain.

The European Parliament has committed in 2002 with its Directive 2002/91/EC all Member States to establish national laws in that in the rental or sale of a property, an energy passport is submitted.

With the adoption of Royal Decree RD 235/2013 (attached as pdf-download) Spain has now complied with this requirement. From 01 June 2013 is every seller / landlord of a property in Spain undertakes the buyer / tenant to submit a pass energy is seen from the category in which the property has been filed. Sanctioned in case of no comply of Article 51 of the Consumer Protection law Act (RDL 1/2007).

Be certified heating, cooling and lighting consumption, measured by CO2 emissions. Energy efficiency classes are distinguished from A - G, where A is the greenest and G the worst category. To clarify the labelling of the individual classes are still highlighted in colour from green to red. The certificate also provides information about how the next higher, means more environmentally friendly, classification stage is reached.

Authorized to issue are: technical engineers and architects with appropriate additional qualification. There have now also been numerous engineering firms specializing in the certification. The Energy Performance Certificate is valid for 10 years.

From 31 December 2018 must have a power consumption of approximately zero in all new public buildings, from 31 December 2020 to meet this requirement to all new buildings in Spain. AM Inmobiliaria has taken respect to this law in 2009 with the founding of the "Casa Pasiva Majorca " and also today offers certified passive houses in Majorca.

The cost of the pass energy is dependent on the type and size of property:


up to 175m²  to 250m²  to 325m²  to 400m²  to 475m²  to 525m²   > 525 m²

         250 €     300 €       350 €       400 €       450 €       500 €      on request



up to 175m²  to 250m²   to 325m²  to 400m²   to 475m²

        200 €      250 €        300 €       350 €        450 €