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With low interest rates to own home

House or apartment purchase is almost always cheaper to rent than to live, says Stiftung Warentest. The farmer must Häusle respected so currently cheap credit to properly use.
Real estate as a property are as attractive as ever. This is due to low interest rates and property prices. Stiftung Warentest identified: the long term, the calculated own their own house or apartment is almost always the rent. An example calculation of the tester shows: The show is a buyer after 30 years on average, almost 150 000 Euros worth more than the property, a tenant on the same period, has accumulated.
The calculation was to buy a condo with 100 square meters Wohnflächezum price of 180 000 euros with the rents the same apartment over a period of 30 years compared. The charges were left out because they are for renters and owners the same height. It has the owner has a capital of 49 000 euros, in a case in the purchase of the house and in the other case stuck in a financial investment. The investment was four per cent. In the house were the testers of an annual value of one percent.
Prerequisite for such a value but is a good location. In addition, the duration of the investment. After six years, the buyer is better off than the tenants, saying the goods tester.
Why the purchase or construction of a property especially now?
Interest rates are currently at historically low levels. Goods in 2000 was still almost seven per cent due, the mortgage interest rate for loans with a maturity of ten years at 4.6 percent today. This makes a faster repayment of debt possible. Experts advise that special rights for you. Ten to 15 percent are possible.
How do I find the cheapest rates?
They should look at potential real estate buyers strictly the terms of various vendors verify. On the Internet there are several such machines. Every Saturday our newspaper published on the page "Real Estate & Money" the best conditions of institutions and intermediaries in the region.
Which locations are particularly interesting?
The differences in real estate prices are high (see chart). For the Greater Dusseldorf was the assessment of an appreciation of one percent realistic, confirmed by Jürgen Mengel Schnoppenberger financial services. This is true for most urban homes. In rural locations away from large cities or noise at locations in major cities is also a possible loss of real value, the expert warns.
How is the price of residential property?
The prices for properties in Germany were also in crisis as a stable. They were not like in Spain or the United States totally overpriced. Therefore, it is also not a sudden fall in prices is expected. The analysis of the market researchers predict moderate House BulwienGesa rising prices, especially in urban dwellings. The reason for this expectation is the Bauzurückhaltung in Germany. Just 176 000 dwellings were completed in 2008 - as little as decades more. Despite the population decline will be more housing needed because the number of one-and two-person households is rising.
Worthwhile even rented property?
Also Properties for rent are profitable. Thus, in some big cities Mietrendite of over seven percent per year to achieve.