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Updates, Events and Holidays 2013 in Majorca

The year 2013 brings many new features. Here is a brief summary of the main changes, event dates and holidays on the Balearic-island.

New double taxation agreement enters into force

This past 18th July 2012 in Berlin, the ratification process of the new double taxation treaty between Spain and Germany was finished, which was signed in February 2011. Therefore, this new DBA about to come into force in accordance with Article 30 and from 01 Be applied January 2013. The new double taxation agreement, thus replacing the previously applicable double taxation treaty between the two countries in 1966. In its structure and its content carries the new agreement to the changed economic and commercial relations between Spain and Germany account and is based largely on the current model convention of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


Tax residents from 2013 on have to disclose their foreign assets

Who tax resident in Spain (including persons who have resided for more than 183 days of the year in Spain, or the place of business in Spain) must, from 2013 to the Spanish tax authorities its foreign assets (bank accounts, real estate, investments, insurance, securities) over € 50,000 fully disclose. The guarantee signed by 31 March will be delivered the 2013th Those who do not make the declaration must, for each failure to indicate a fine of € 5,000, but at least € 10,000 fine. In addition, the unreported assets classified as unjustified asset growth and the previous tax years are attributed. It then taxes, interest and penalties will be charged. In individual cases, the penalty can not exceed the specified asset. In addition, a charge of tax evasion is possible. Concerned as soon as possible should seek the advice of a tax adviser.


The energy performance certificate for homes to come

The Spanish Ministry of Industry prepared a law for already 01 January 2013 will come into force. Then each property for sale or rent required an "energy passport". Is not presented in this pass notary, the notary may not notarize. This law is the implementation of a directive of the European Parliament from 2002. According to this law, every owner of an apartment, a house or a business premises at his own expense obtain the appropriate certificate (Energy Performance Certificate). In a community of owners, each co-owner to request the certificate for his house. The cost of an energy certificate will be, according to the Ministry of Industry for a 100 square meter apartment in a good 250 €. The data on the energy efficiency must appear in any form of advertising, including ads in every newspaper and synopses. A breach of this provision shall be punished by fines between € 1,000 and € 5,000.


The ruined buildings on the beach of Es Trenc be demolished

The Higher Regional Court of the Balearic Islands has rejected the appeal of the town of Campos and the developer Marina Ernst against the deadline for the demolition of the ruined buildings on E-Trenc beach. As stated in the decision of Wednesday (19.12.) Is, should the date of 15 May be observed in 2013, an extension of time until 15 August will be punished.

The ID card can be applied for from 01/02/2013 at the German Consulate

A few days ago is now clear that the consulate in Palma de Mallorca and the Embassy in Madrid are the only two German missions that will take over as early as the 02.01.2013 tasks in identity card. If these days in Palma and Madrid all goes well technically correct, is the starting point for most of the other German missions gradually falling worldwide. Interesting to know is maybe that you have to pay as from the German foreign 01.01.2013 definitely more (read in the ID card fees regulation) for the new ID card. Currently you can get it when you are 24 years or older, in Germany for 28.80 euros. The consulate from 02.01.2013 An additional charge of 30 euros will be charged, so that with us 58.80 euros will be paid.


The Holidays in the Balearic Islands in 2013

First January: New Year's Day (Sunday)

First March: Day of the Balearic Islands (Friday)

28th March: Holy Thursday (Thursday)

29th March: Good Friday (Friday)

First April: Easter Monday (Monday)

First May: Labour Day (Wednesday)

15th August: Assumption Day (Thursday)

12th October: Día de la Hispanidad (Saturday)

First November: All Saints' Day (Friday)

6th December: Constitution Day (Friday

25th December: Christmas Day (Wednesday)


Wetten, dass ...? in 2013 in Mallorca

So now after all: "Wetten, dass ..?" The ZDF show comes back to Mallorca. The presenter Markus Lanz on Saturday revealed in the live broadcast from Freiburg. On 8 June 2013 will be resent from the bullring in Palma. For a long time it looked as if the time of the summer special of "Wetten, dass ..?" Mallorca over. What Thomas Gottschalk was inspiring, did not seem to be to the liking of his successor Markus Lanz. Instead, for example, a winter special elsewhere was talking. Five times was "Wetten, dass ..?" been sent from the Coliseo Balear. For ZDF always a program highlight, for Mallorca good advertising. The most recent edition of the show in 2011 was even honored with the Media Award "Bambi". For the jury, the show was the "television event of the year." Tickets for "Wetten, dass ..?" 2013 in the bullring cost 55 euros per person. Maps are, as in "Wetten, dass ..?" usual, awarded in a lottery. Here's the address of the ZDF page on which you can apply: