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Too few tourists in Spain - Government wants to help

The Spanish tourism in the 2009 season threatened to break as strong as ever. The Spanish government reacted to the attacks and strong tourism industry under the arms. Around one billion euros will be primarily for upgrades made available. The Cabinet decided to support the package in a special session on the holiday island of Mallorca.

Visitor numbers intrude
More on Spain
Around 500 million euro credit flowing to businesses, which are environmentally friendly, energy-saving projects for disabled and invest. Of these, around 100 million euros to the Canary Islands and another 80 million in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca go. According to the latest statistics came in the first half of 23.6 million foreign tourists to Spain - 11.4 per cent less than in the same period last year. For the entire year 2009 the government expects a deficit of ten percent. This would be the sharpest drop, which the Spanish tourist has ever known.
"Highly Dangerous Situation"
Not least, nearly 60 million tourists a year to France, Spain was the second largest tourist destination in the world. Meanwhile, however, had the Spaniards took second place to the U.S. party. Tourism in Spain controls about eleven percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and 1.5 million people are working. After the construction is with tourism now the second key sector of the Spanish economy faltered. "If an airplane is an engine fails, the machine can still fly. But if both engines suspend the situation is highly dangerous," wrote the newspaper "El Mundo" in early July.
Tourists stay away because of economic crisis
The fact that this year, several million tourists stay away, has to a large extent with the economic crisis in the countries of origin to do so. Many British, German and French shorten their holidays, going to eat less often, spend less money in Spanish shops or refrain entirely from holiday in Spain. "If we look at the situation in Great Britain or Germany in mind, we must be glad that are still so many tourists come to Spain," said José Manuel Maciñeiras, President of the Federation of Travel Agencies.
Spain needs rethinking
For years, experts urge that Spain's tourist presence on several legs aims. Rather than swimming in good weather, should also cover other tourist attractions will be highlighted. "We should not cheap service providers in Eastern Europe or other areas are based," said economist Josep Oliver. "Spain should be linked to certain regions in Italy and France as an example to follow. It does not matter, as many visitors into the country to attract, but to what the tourists to spend with us."
Not only the sun and the beach
In overcoming the "monoculture" of the seaside came the Spaniards, however, been slow. Still makes the "sol y playa" ( "sun and beach") two-thirds of the travel industry. Some progress has been made yet. Barcelona has developed its range of culture and conventions has become a popular destination for city breaks and has meanwhile increased revenue from tourism than the Costa Brava. The industrial city of Bilbao has been through the construction of the Guggenheim Museum for tourism re-discovered. Also in Majorca start times to change. The bay of Palma will be fundamental change, and in 2020 appear in a new gloss. This is half of the 40,000 hotel beds are disappearing.
Malle also missing holidaymakers
Already in March felt the hoteliers on the island of Majorca to burglary: The economic crisis and a rainy season starting to make tourism in Mallorca is difficult to create. According to figures from the Tourism Office, the online magazine available, the number of passengers on the island in March compared to the same month last year by 22 percent to only about 405,000. The Germans kept their favorite holiday island of more than loyalty to guests from other countries, the decline was only 13.4 percent. The magazine reported in May this year.
Wasting holiday in Majorca
Is particularly strong within Mallorca from Spanish tourism affected: In comparison with the previous year were more than a quarter of Spaniards on the mainland, the British remained every third Briton on the island - but the wrong one. Despite a drop in German visitors to 13.4 percent, were the Germans more than any other group visits her 17th State on loyal. After all, made in March, 204,000 German holiday on the Balearic island, a total of 405,000 tourists in March counted. As the online magazine reported, characterized the crisis in the Easter holidays, where, according to the Mallorcan Hotel Association FEHM over half of the hotel remained closed. Given the fragile situation Booking hotels are probably some 2009 remain. To contain costs, strata hotel chains with multiple positions its guests to a few hotels around. "We are experiencing difficult times," said Miquel Nadal, Minister of Tourism of the Balearic Islands.