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The right consultant at the right price

As a developer and future property owners, you quickly believe that consulting services are too expensive and therefore can be reduced. This thinking is wrong in the long term, as obtained by a proper and detailed planning by experts sustainably saves money and time. We recommend that you have professionals in both investing and guidance.

To consider what a prospective consultant in house or apartment are buying the right ones, you should absolutely at the core of the desired advice specify. Which brings my professional skills with? It is important to make sure that an expert is consulted, the professional expertise coupled with quality advice brings.

Expertise to decide

Since the self-supply "experts" is huge and in addition to the real experts in a range con men and wannabes appear, one should in any case only to hear people who talk nicely and the owner of the Blue Sky tell. Real experts can be acquired through quality certificates and officially certified consultants Siegel reward. It is also an expert then only a pro if he admits that he is in a particular area to another expert would like to consult, to the best possible result for his clients.

Before beginning work services define

As the Owner the full responsibility for its object to pay, it should be with a consultant before the start of activity necessarily the power and the need for explicit guidance to clarify and keep writing. Deadlines must be set clearly defined and fixed. The same applies for compensation, any advance payments for services not rendered and any insurance coverage and the clarification of a consulting company. If a consultant is not liable for any errors and can not provide appropriate insurance, you should use the finger to let him - he is not the right thing. The developer shall be responsible for utility and price of an upcoming benefit consultants weigh - good advice, there is not at zero cost.