Majorca Property News

The latest news before season start 2013 in Mallorca

The start of season 2013 holds for locals and tourists ready some innovations. Demolition of the building ruins in Ses Covetes, Rental debtors list, new environmental tax, increase of the real estate tax, etc.

Revision of the land transfer tax from 01.01.2013

The land transfer tax was previously in Mallorca between 7% and 10%. The new tax is 8% to 10% and is calculated as follows: For a purchase price of € 400,000, the real estate transfer tax 8%, from € 400,000.01 to € 600,000 or 9% from € 600,000.01 due and 10%. The stamp duty has been increased from 1% to 1.2%.

Rental debtors list to protect the landlord

The payment behavior of tenants, has fallen sharply. There is mounting cases where tenants pay the rent and not leave the rental home finally with high debt. A new law will to the will of the government to protect the landlord against rental nomads. Defaulting tenants (rent arrears which are legally titled) will be entered in a list of debtors, which can be viewed on the Internet. Sun landlord before signing a lease can verify that the prospective tenant has ever been conspicuous by non-payment. The entries should be deleted after six years, if not since new entries are added.

New tax package adopted

Despite massive protests, the state government has decided its comprehensive tax package for Mallorca. The Cabinet approved the plans on Friday (15.2.), So that 1 new environmental taxes on rental cars, beverage containers, and large shopping areas on April can come into force. Accordingly, the prices of car hire will raise depending on the category between 3 € and 7,50 € a day. Beverage containers such as cans, tetra packs and plastic bottles are more expensive.

Island Council stops waste import

The Council of Mallorca has to import waste from a recycling plant in Sabadell (Catalonia) temporarily stopped. Commissioner for the Environment Dezernentin Catalina Soler said Thursday (14.2.) That the revenue from the business lie with the garbage below expectations of the Island Council. The cause she called the high transport costs and the elimination of subsidies for renewable energy. Now would you expose the waste import once to rebuild the project by attribute.

Demolition of the building ruins of Ses Covetes

Three months remain of the municipality of Campos to demolish the abandoned construction of Ses Covetes: Up to 15 May this year, the territory on the beach of Es Trenc be restored back to its original state. Until 25 February must be available on the procurement documents for the demolition, by 15 March Campos must prove that the work has begun to demolish. The community is located by its own account in the schedule. 

New luxury hotel planned to Playa de Palma

The Mallorcan Hipotels chain wants to build for 50 million euros a new hotel on the Playa de Palma between Riu Bravo and Barceló Pueblo Park. Hipotels for the project has already purchased a 43.800 m² site. Construction is scheduled to begin in October this year, with completion scheduled for the summer of 2015. The new hotel will be located in the high category 4 star plus and have 230 rooms and 150 suites.