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The climate - the best conditions for Mallorca Property

The climate in Spain is as abwechslungreich as the landscape and culture. In Spain, six climate zones can be distinguished. An Atlantic climate with mild winters and summers in the northern Atlantic coast of Galicia and Asturias, on the mountain climate, high altitudes in the Pyrenees, with short summers and cold winters, and has the subtropical climate in the Canaries, with mild temperatures all year round, the Spanish to provide climate for everyone. In addition, one could traveling in this way, from month to month, always enjoy the best climate in the region.
But who are looking for Spain is a flat, should be thoroughly informed in advance about the exact region in which he would later live. Homes on the mainland or the islands each have their own charms - like the housing on the coast or inland. Although the climate in Spain is generally perceived as generally better in comparison with the German messy weather, but here are region-cold winters with up to - 10 ° C and hot dry summers is over 45 ° C possible.
If you love the different seasons, to recommend to Spain Real Estate in the center of the Iberian peninsula, for example, in Castile and León, Madrid, La Rioja and Andalusia. The continental Mediterranean climate in Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia has cold winters and hot summers. On the Costa Brava, for example, although the sea air is more balanced than the pronounced continental climate in the hinterland, but also move the pleasant temperatures at 21 ° C to 28 ° C in summer, tempered by sea breezes, and 6 ° C to 10 ° C in winter. Anyone who wants to enjoy the other hand, year-round mild temperatures and only slightly distinct seasons, which are particularly recommended the Balearic Islands or the Canaries. Whereby the Balearic characterized by a vollmediterranes climate, while the Canary Islands are characterized by an oceanic subtropical climate with winter rains. In Majorca, for example, the winters are mild and summers are warm to hot, but enjoyable by the constant sea breeze.
Recommendations for the location of the Mallorca property are always also depends on the personal preferences of the owner or lessee. But in principle, should be noted that homes in coastal and beach, regardless of the region, are always more expensive. If you are such a "luxury flat" is not the whole year can make over or simply want to enjoy the benefits of two regions, should consider a second Mallorca property. Many Spanish families to afford housing near the town nor a cottage in the countryside or the sea. Thus the Spaniards come with 1.54 dwellings per household on the world's highest rate
The climate in Mallorca

Mallorca enjoys a temperate subtropical climate with an averaged 7.9 hours of sun a day and average rainfall (1,400 millimeters in the north, 400 millimeters) in the south.
The short winter is mild, due by the insularity and humid. In rare cases, but also to snowfalls, especially in the mountains to come. During the summer months, however, it hardly rains. The temperatures in the interior of the island can then rise to over 40 ° C.
From a short end of August, heavy rains accompanied by storms and possible thunderstorms, which in October is statistically the wettest month of the year. This can lead to local flooding, where the torrents can no longer absorb the water and draw into the sea.
End of December into January windless, mild weather conditions, the so-called calmes often. The small summer has lead to the almond blossom in January, which gives the island in contrast to the parched landscape in summer is an entirely different look.