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The Balearic Islands - four islands, four worlds

Together, yet distinct from one another, they form the Balearic Islands - Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera

The Balearic Islands are located midway between Barcelona and Algiers. Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera connect with European and North African culture among themselves have little in common. There are four islands with four different worlds.

From the Balearic Islands is the speech, one usually thinks of Mallorca. These include Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera this. Together there are four islands with very different worlds. Common to them that they have been for millennia by pirates, merchants, soldiers, scientists, emigrants, and in modern times also by tourists, occupied, conquered and left have been and are. Let's to the south: Formentera, Ibiza geological appendage, is 83 square kilometers of small and has around 100 kilometers of coastline. Here you can feel the water is always near. The flat, sandy island is by ferry from Ibiza town in twenty minutes. Both islands were for centuries by the Arabs populated. The North African influence in the architecture and the physiognomy of the locals identified. Formentera is only since the beginning of the 18th Century populated.


The relative unspoiled island is the biggest asset. Currently there are around 9000 people there, including a small but prominent part of hippies from all over Europe. For lovers of a simple lifestyle and natural families of Formentera with its 22 natural beaches a paradise. 150 hotels and holiday homes offer distinct and simple majority of the accommodation. There are also rental cars, but the island administration recommends the guests buses, bicycles and mopeds to locomotion.


Stimulus arms holiday in Formentera
In August Formentera but should be avoided. Not only because of the scorching heat, but also because it is full. Especially mainland Spaniards and Italians love the island. But outside the main holiday periods, the summer holidays in Formentera define as follows: warm wind in your hair, salt on the skin, cycling tours to the lighthouse, swimming in shallow, turquoise water, hiking between dunes and trees Sandarak, snorkeling in bays, sleeping under the pines , fish dishes in countless variations.

Whom to reizarm who should Ibiza. Since the Rolling Stones in 1964 Ibiza holiday spending, the island attracts sun-hungry dancers of all ages and all nationalities who passionately pursue their passion. The island has one of the internationally best night clubs, the "Space". The People's Party shares the island in the summer with amateur archaeologists and nature lovers. Because Ibizan heritage is impressive. Both on the coasts and in the island interior, nature is spectacular. Olive groves, almond trees and the typical farmhouses ibizencan - whitewashed, cubic-like compound flat buildings - dominate the landscape. At the coastal bays and close load upstream islets for diving and sailing. And Ibiza sunsets are legendary.

117 000 people live year-round to 570 square kilometers. 16 international airlines fly to the airport of Ibiza town, landing in the summer on a weekend up to a thousand machines. Ferries operate between Ibiza, the mainland coast and the neighboring island of Mallorca, one in two hours. These excellent connections have also negative consequences: The locals live alongside outs and immigrants. Although they tolerate diversity, but also wrote about some of their own cultural heritage is lost, all preceded the Ibiza variant of the Catalan language. Who is not in a castle hotel the coastal towns of Sant Antoni, Santa Eulària Sant Josep or night, you can unwind after a scout or a farm village board search - here you can feel the charm of the island and yet is never far away from one of 69 beaches.

Realignment in Mallorca
Hotels are also on the island of Majorca, the largest Balearic island, in the trend. The island has long held mass class, and some of their natural and cultural heritage is sacrificed. But since then, a new way of thinking, and showing the first results: landscape is big writing, hiking and biking trails lead through pristine mountain and back, run-down seaside towns are rehabilitated. The Playa de Palma ( "shooter"), with nearly 40 000 beds hotbed of Balearic beach tourism, will by 2015 to an international pilot project for gentle beach tourism. The original visitors can Mallorca especially for holiday finca in inland and in the Serra de Tramuntana discover.

Mallorca has about 800 000 inhabitants, half of which lives in the capital, Palma. The island offers to its 3600 square kilometers and an astonishing diversity. 207 beaches along the coast, nearly a dozen mountain peaks rise up on the West Coast, and museums and galleries adorn the capital. Only a few kilometers away is sleepy nests, neat or elegant town settlements. 23 golf courses, more than 30 top hotels and luxury real estate purchase Meaningful lure from all over the world. Thanks to this comprehensive range, and a clever marketing was its neighboring islands of Mallorca for decades in the shadows are.

The most modest of the four islands, Minorca, fear the consequences of the current international economic crisis. The northernmost island of the Balearic Islands is one of Mallorca Fährstunde and is particularly popular among Britons. Their purchasing power is now greatly decreased. But not only out of solidarity with the 70 000 Menorquin had recommended a visit. The 700 square kilometers wide, flat and green island a Biosphere Reserve since 1993. It offers 190 square kilometers of unspoiled natural beauty as well as grazing land 7000 Friesian dairy cows. The two cities of Mahon and Ciutadella are 47 kilometers apart - the largest east-west extension of the island. Who in the 350 meter high mountain rises Toro, Minorca single collection, looks back on a green patchwork with white speckles - Viehhöfe and villages. On the horizon you can see the Wellensaum and some of the nearly 56 natural white beaches. The Mediterranean Sea has an unusual greenish.

Farms and villages in Menorca
The island lives on the dairy industry and tourism from the house. In the two towns and six villages also maintain 350 hotels of medium price category to visitors. For riders and cyclists, there are extensive trails, Bird watching for a bird sanctuary for hikers canyons, caves and coastal paths. Lovers of Mediterranean urban life - narrow streets, good food, warm nights - all this can be found in Ciutadella, a jewel in the form of town. Who is on the history of the Mediterranean will provide information that can tombs, forts and museums. To Menorca fought the Arabs and the Romans, the Turks, the British, the French and the Catalans. They all have in the life of restrained, quiet island folk left.

Menorca calls with its luxuriant forests and lush meadows Atlantic associations awake. Leaving aside, however, the gaze wander, you can see in astonishing clarity so far perceived neighboring island of Mallorca.