Majorca Property News

The aroma of Mallorca

Three German winemakers are on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca. One of them could be on weekends during the spring wine tasting in the winery to know artists. Sebastian Keller actually comes from the Siegerland is on the wine of his parents with the vine juices come into contact. "But even as the eight-year-old I knew that for me just a profession - and winemakers," says the 27-year-old's determination for the professional way.

After he puts on the renowned vineyards in the Palatinate Bernd Philippi and Paul Kallstadt Füst Franconia learned and experience had already offered him a 20-year-old's big chance, the sole responsibility of a historic Mallorcan estate vineyard to be established. Previously, he had already shared with Winegrower Star Bernd Philippi development for vineyards in South Africa, Portugal and Madeira done.

Organic farming

The favor of the hour to beat Sebastian Keller, as a wealthy merchant family in Hamburg, the approximately 100-acre Finca "Ses Talaioles" acquired in 2000. There are now corn, peas, olives and almonds grown by organic principles. On five hectares Basement operates with its supporters, including Bernd Philippi counts as a consultant, wine.

He sees the development of high quality on the whole island on a good path. Bad mass-made wines are also an anathema to him, such as design Wines, which is an international taste sensation adapt. His passion is a strong character, to produce authentic wines that reflect their origins, how he in an interview with this newspaper explained.

But he finds karstic ground Kalkmergel. The vines were in 2003 used high density planting, resulting in a low income leads. Only 20 to 22 hectoliters per hectare, he gets out there are around 7000 hives.

International varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo, he combines in his cuvée with the indigenous varieties Manto Negro and Callet. Around 15000 bottles a year on wine, bottled and distributed operations. Quality aspirations expressed by care in the vineyard and a long aging in wooden barrels from. Only two wines come from the basement of Ses Talaioles: The "Sestalino" and the "Sestal".

The 2006 which gave the young winemakers during his visit to the Vineyard artists. Complex wines that want to be conquered. Still heavily influenced by tannin, but now suggestive that they are genuine flavor to develop bombs. Rough diamonds, which also have a cost. 24 euros and 14 euros for the second wine.

In addition to the wine rarities the island presented the Estate of Fritz Haag Mosel Rieslings his. The same could be with the Rieslings from the main house of the host artists compare