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Self-produced crisis Cars Rental

An example from the chapter "How to make yourself crises" is currently on the rental car industry registered: After Pentecost tourists returning from Mallorca reported that they no longer were able to rent cheap cars. Sannwald Kai, Director of the Munich Car Hire Brokers Sunny Cars, the problem is not limited solely to Mallorca: "We are witnessing a situation we have in the past decades have not yet known. At popular tourist destinations are constraints on car rental sector. "
For many landlords, the reduced stocks of cheap cars for June, July and August is already completely sold out. According to Kai Sannwald have many international tour operators and rental car companies already exhausted their quotas. This would be linked to the price spiral in the market daily to the top spin. This applies not least, the car hire broker, who in addition also Sunny Holiday Autos and Auto Europe count. These usually benefit from an oversupply caused prices.
Sannwald speaks specifically to Majorca from a "historically unique scarce 'supply. That the offer does not satisfy the demand can be effective against the background on stock and, together with groundbreaking car companies unbelievable. The shortage has another reason: the car dealers and manufacturers of vehicles no longer guarantee the return of newly purchased car. About this previously agreed 'buy-backs "will especially by multinational companies like Avis and Hertz, as well as major regional providers of the wagon fleet hedged. These repossessed Jahreswagen formed as a result often the basis for the fleet of small and local suppliers.
"Owners of Holiday Autos can not bear the risk that the vehicles at their own cost to buy. Especially as the banks because of the economic crisis in the financing of such transactions no longer take over, "says Sannwald the consequences.

For Spain expects Sunny Cars in the summer of 2009 with a decline of up to 40,000 vehicles. Not quite unselfish Cars broker advises travelers to be a possible early book your holiday car.