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Each crisis has not only losers, but winners. Among the winners include the open real estate, maybe you should write better: the investment companies. Anyway, in the past enjoyed the real estate funds among investors, especially in times of crisis, particularly popular, and so went to Germany after the great stock market crash in March 2000 in a few years, 40 billion euro in real estate. A run continued in the current banking and financial crisis. The open Immobilienfonds reported here again significantly positive cash inflows.

If AM Inmobiliaria customers a share of a real estate purchase, so they put their money indirectly in industrial buildings, offices or homes to. There is a distinction between "open" and "closed" fund differed. Enclosed are however something for professionals, also because they often only a single object in investing. Investors are also landowners. "There was even at the best location and substance as well as prime rents do not completely exclude the possibility that unforeseen Mietausfälle or even natural disasters affect the yield," is a seller for closed real estate funds. Risks, which even experts can meet. Sun slipped several years ago the popular Stuttgart WGS closed real estate fund in the bankruptcy. The damage had, however, 40 000 investors.
In other designs, however, "open" funds. They are protected by the Investment Act (KAGG) consumer-friendly rules are transparent and invest in several projects and spread the risk. For small investors especially important: The subsequent sale of a fund share is usually easy, as shares of one day to another can be returned. Even with small amounts so they can be the chances of the property use. It extends the range of wind turbines on the North Sea coast to American skyscrapers.
However, for the first time in 1959 in Germany funds offered the good old times. "There was a real estate product that every day could be returned, which is never a negative sign in the performance was and at which a 5 before the decimal point appeared almost guaranteed", says the Berlin real estate expert Rainer Zitelmann back. And the investment always joyful Stiftung Warentest Immobilienfonds praised as "so solid", because it never had a loss. This story was too good to be true. For example, several recently closed fund, there was bribery scandals and concluded their annual fund balance even with a minus from.
Nevertheless, well-selected real estate in times of crisis serve as a lifeline. So terrible price remained even losses - in contrast to shares or certificates - in moderate single-digit range. Zitelmann insured: "Insofar remain open-ended real estate is a good instrument for the stabilization of an overall portfolio." Ultimately, even the best savers formula: "The mix makes it!"
Come as a real estate investment is usually only for investors in question, which is already 50 000 euros in three or four other long-term savings pots created. Indeed, whether owner-occupied house, whether stock or real estate open investment funds, is always the risk in comparison to reinweg secure financial products, such as federal securities is much higher. It is now uncertain, as the value of a property and the whole capitalist financial market will develop.