Majorca Property News

Savers looking again for more property in Mallorca

Mallorca property much asked as valuable and increasingly secure investment

Leading business magazines confirm: a house by the sea is the best response to the crisis. Savers get almost no more interest, at least not enough to compensate for the loss of value of money through inflation. Whether the money is safe in the bank, many doubt the face of the banking crisis. Whether the euro will have stock as well. At such times, real estate can be interesting. No coincidence that they are called concrete gold. Topping the list of the safest and most profitable places in the world of real estate investment is Mallorca.

Although one of the most popular holiday islands in general, can be found in Mallorca many idyllic places, breath-taking scenery. The location of plots and villas offer some indescribable views across the landscape and the Mediterranean. More beautiful life and live in the Mediterranean can´t be.

The real range of villas, country houses and plots in Majorca ranging from cheap to super expensive, the selection on size and equipment is complex - there remain no wish unfulfilled. Sea view villas and luxury apartments are more affordable than ever, thanks to the currently very attractive prices.

Higher-quality holiday homes in Mallorca, is interested in the affluent customers, primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, prove to the crisis relatively stable in value. In this segment of the real estate values ​​since the high in 2007 decreased on average by about 15 percent. This value is well below the national average. At prime locations and premium property in Mallorca is no price decline is to be feared. 

Mid-priced open the currently favourable mortgage rates new prospects of wealth creation. With corresponding equity real estate can easily be financed by the proceeds of a long-term rental. Not infrequently exceed the returns on rental costs for interest payments, so that at the end of even cash surplus is achieved.