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Save money with the credit for the house

Building has never been as cheap as it is today. Since there is a spread of business, "said Rolf Klein, financial planners in Krefeld. How does it work? A customer is for the purchase of a property and a loan to pay during the period only the interest. The money for the monthly repayments available, he instead invested in a savings, for example, into a savings fund. If the loan is due, he solves it with the end benefit from the savings from.
  The charm of this model: Who with his saving the return of its effective annuity exceeds, achieves a rich Plus. In addition, investors are happy to have a reduced tax burden. In fremdvermieteten properties are the consistently high level of debt interest over the life fully deductible.
The success stands or falls with the choice of the optimal replacement eradication, so the correct savings. The facility must have a sufficient rate of return, and also to the money at a certain time guarantees are available. Also, the fiscal side is playing a role is a useful facility, which yield no or only a small part is taxed. Otherwise, an investor loses the advantage it by deducting the interest on debt, while again.
Endowment policies are therefore not suitable. With unit-linked life insurance may be most experts are not friends. They do not allow flexible exit during the period, are burdened with high costs, largely opaque, and at best half taxable.

Interest rate differential Shops: perseverance and strong nerves show

Funds Certificates and cut better. Depending on your choice, for example, distribution costs shove. Moreover, an investor from a Savings need to also get off at no extra cost. And the price gains after one year are usually tax free. Elgin Gorissen-van Hoek, sworn expert on mortgage lending, recommends: "In order to fluctuating markets at the end of the necessary money is available, longer-term investors should only choose financing. We say 20 years or more. In the last five years they have the money in safe assets redeploy. "
When searching for the right savings plan is a great variety to choose from. Those who are trusted, can währungsgesicherten index certificates from the U.S., Europe and Asia also from limited work. Or an investor invests in equity and bond and mixed funds in certificates.
Another, somewhat specific eradication replacement are British life. Many companies advertise with the expiration yields eight to eleven percent. Because the companies, however, some with up to 80 percent invested in equities, the investment is risky. Elgin Gorissen-van Hoek: "Customers must also ensure that their money with a bankruptcy of the company is not lost. The German scheme uses at most non-British policies. "
If an investor the right savings found, it is perseverance and strong nerves show. One thing is clear: A business interest-rate differential is always speculation. Bigger odds are only at the price of an increased risk.