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Santanyi on Majorca

The small country town in the southeast of the island lies only a few kilometers from the coast and is connected with shipping, fishing and smuggling mentioned. 
Santanyi has no industry. Since the middle of the last century are large almond tree crops in the area. From here comes the in Majorca so often used directly after breaking white and evolved over the years into a warm golden discolor stone. 

The old, medieval repeatedly bloody pirate raids taken town is the seat of the municipal coastal towns between Cala D'Or and the southern tip of Mallorca and deserves it probably is not bad. 

From here you can feel tourism is very little. On the small main square, Placa Major, the church of Sant Andreu in the 18th Century in the eye, whose venerable organ from the convent of Santo Domingo in Palma was built by Jordi Bosch, probably the most important organ of Spain was. 

In addition there is the Capilla de Roser, yet from the 13th Century, and just north is the Porta Murada the last vestiges of the former city fortifications. Wednesdays and Saturdays will be a fairly authentic-looking market held by many tourists from the nearby coastal towns to visit. 


The name of the small town was from the Latin "Agnini Sancti" (of St.. Lamb) derived this name was one of the farms, which are then joined a commune. Phrähistorische finds in Santanyi area indicate an early settlement close. However, most of the megalithic era Baudenkmähler than welcome quarries used and worn. Interesting Talaiots, pottery and tombstones from the Roman era are predominantly in the later divisional area of Ses Salinas. Under JaimeII in the year 1300 to the "villa" collected Santanyi experienced the most dramatic chapter in its history during the period of constant attacks by pirates. The coast of Santanyi was before the separation of Ses Salinas, the longest of the island, ranging from the Cala Llonga (Cala D `Or) to Puerto de Campos (Colonia de Sant Jordi). Also, the proximity to the island of Cabrera, the temporarily fixed in the hands of the pirates were led to the coast of Santanyi constant scene of violent attempts was landing. 


Sant Andreau Apostol: The construction of the parish began 1786, completed it was the 1811th The Capella del Roser, the Rosary Chapel, dates back to the 13th C. In addition, the church holds one of the most precious organs of Spain, a work of the organ builder, Jordi Bosch. In October there is the framework for the week of the historic organs of Mallorca at least one organ concert. 


The small sandy beaches of Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombards lie in deep fjord-like inlets. Between the two beaches can be seen, a tongue of land upstream, the rocks Pontas, characterized by bizarre form of discrimination. 


Nostra Senyora de la Consolació: The sanctuary is located between Alqueria Blanca, Santanyi. According to legend, lived here hl. Escolástica. The sister of St. Benedict is in Majorca as "rain maker <venerated. 

Population 2007: 11,720