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Riester- Pension now also for Majorca -Germans?

Retirement, this must be German citizens have already recognized when they are connected to their future retirement think. This is by far not sufficient for a reasonable standard of living to rise. But who is his well deserved retirement prefer brown burned under the southern sun wants to spend, went so far nothing. If the European Court of Justice now realizes, can be equipped with a collection of the Riester pension abroad is to be expected. This will be a lot of looking sprightly pensioner who lives on the shooter and evening on the beach of Mallorca, the German Foreign bastion on the Spanish Mediterranean island, want to spend. You must then no longer required as in the past, the funding for their retirement in the German tax authorities to pay back.

  Although controversial, that the German pension will be exported abroad, but eventually everyone with his professional career in the Federal Republic has spent even a right. All the more surprising to many contemporaries that it is in the statutory retirement is possible, they transferred abroad to be in private pensions, the tax is encouraged, but not be the case.
Had the father state with the onset of tax reductions for the Riester pension but rather seeks only to benefit those that are living in Germany and also their tax contribution. Finally, the much-vaunted "Riester pension before age poverty in this country to protect and not on the beach in Majorca.
As the judge's decision ultimately will be remains to be seen. If this is positive, the same can be several groups of people are happy: the so-called Mallorca-pensioners and all those who contract with Riester take abroad as well as foreigners who have retired back to move abroad.