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Rejection against bull fighting rises

Struggle for Culture: thousands crown Stierhatzen the brutal Fiestas, more and more people reject it. But a national ban seems far off.

Ladrillero ran desperately for his life. Through the streets of the western Spanish town of Coria. Johlenden pursued by a mob. Two hours took the hunt, when Ladrillero a 27-year-old woman his horns rammed into the body. Then, before the 250 year old Cathedral of the 13 000-inhabitant village, went to the bull from the forces. He plummeted to the ground twitching. A grace shot ended his life.

Prelude to a typical village festival in Spain. It would certainly Ladrillero to get worse: in previous years, the villagers bewarfen the bulls during the hunt through the streets with darts. Preferred targets were throwing testes and eyes. This was Mayor Juan Valle Barbero now prohibited. Although, according to the mayor, the arrowheads the bulls actually "barely hurt" the scene. "But they add to the reputation of our festival to great harm." A modest success of the animal rights, against such "cruelty to the bull fiestas" ever more violent protest.

Also in the Costa Blanca, Denia marched place these days, opponents of the "animal torture" on - but without larger heard. The "Bous a la Mar" (Bulls in the sea), the bulls on the quay and then chased into the sea. Per tow fish to the bulls when they are still alive from the water. This holiday festival in the stronghold of Denia on the Mediterranean, the Spaniards so much that it is the government to "Fiesta of National Tourist Interest" has been declared.

Now equip the Spanish and international animal welfare groups to protest against more dubious and notorious bull festivals: At the "Toro de la Vega" in the central Spanish Tordesillas nest in September, the bull of Lancers and the viewers of Gejohle maltreated with spears - till he dies. Because a lot of blood flowing, photographers and cameramen are not allowed. A cruel spectacle, "outraged the Spanish Euro-MPs of the Greens David Hammerstein, the" one of the ugly faces of the animal abuse in Spain "show.

Scarcely better is the reputation of the Fiesta "Toro de fuego" (fire animal) in Medinaceli, also in deeper central Spanish province. There are cops in November in the dark with burning antlers through the village into the arena driven. There is hardly a village in the popular holiday destination that does not hunt or a bull-organized, always in honor of local patron saints: Approximately 20 000 such a spectacle, there are per year. "Animal cruelty as popular", the opponents call this mass celebrations, with taxpayers' money will be organized. "Tradition" is the Standardreplik from the town halls. But the front of the opponent is stronger: Surveys show that three-quarters of the Spaniards against the bloody Stiergemetzel. Spanish anti-bullfighting party "was still in her debut at the last European elections 45 000 votes. And in the northern Spanish city of Barcelona forced the animal is now friends with 200 000 signatures, that the Parliament of Catalonia is shortly to hold a bull ban must discuss.

But although the resistance in Catalonia is very perceptible, few believe that a ban through. Not to mention a national initiative. We know that the social democratic Prime Minister of Spain Jose Luis Zapatero, with a spell sympathizes. But the bull friends sit in all parties - and the royal family: King Juan Carlos of Spain is prominent fan Only recently celebrated 19 000 people in the city of Barcelona Arena Star-bullfighter Jose Tomas. Carried him, after he and his sword had done six bulls, on the shoulders of the place. Like a gladiator. "Deification of Jose Tomas," headline charmed the national newspaper "ABC".

"The size of a nation can be measured by how it treats its animals", pondered a long time ago Mahatma Gandhi, the famous leader of the Indian independence movement.