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Real Estate Mallorca: Real estate prices around the world


always well-heeled visitors from parties to talk about their investments in real estate. Whether vacation homes in Spain, a finca in Majorca or pensions seats on Gran Canaria. So beautiful one owner-occupied property is, as any good investment they are often less than one would expect this in general.
Always be my real estate investments is seen as an effective protection against inflation and the only alternative to stocks and bonds.
But it is so obvious at first glance may appear, you must distinguish already. Since taken place in recent years, extreme variations in the housing market.
66,100 euros per sq
uare meter

Just last week, was sold a luxury apartment on Hong Kong's popular hillside location, the peak for more than 30 million euros or almost incredible € 66,100 per sqm. This was a global record. The average prices in Hong Kong are around € 13,000 per m² is also back on the Vorkrisenniveau. The reason is the booming economy of China, Hong Kong for the super-rich Chinese who make it their favorite place of residence. Thus there are already more than 130 billionaires in China. In the land of the "oligarchs" in Russia must be "just call it" little more than 30 billionaire.
Even in China's property prices have risen again to the Vorkrisenniveau and paragraphs homes have reached record levels again. Where you can buy in China's major cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing are still between 1,000 € and 3,000 € per m². In less respected cities such as Chongqing, you will be even as little as 500 € per m² owner of an apartment.
Real estate prices worldwide
By contrast, house prices in London are still at least 10% below the previous year. Moreover, real estate transactions in London fell by 70%, as the sellers seem to wait for better times. In general, such a drastic slump in real estate transactions indicates a further decline in prices.
• In Moscow, the average price per square meter to about 20% to € 4,700 per sqm.
• In the popular Miami Beach in April 2008, prices fell by as much as 50% to around 3,600 € per m².
• Even in Ostseebad Binz, you now pay around € 4,000 per sqm.
Because you can see that U.S. real estate, or the U.S. dollar are no longer overvalued, it is generally assumed.
But they also see that real estate prices around the world vary considerably. In addition to the psychology of price depends on the country offered by the governments, local taxes and the prospects of the region. The danger here is caught on the wrong foot and reap considerable loss is substantial. There are also significant pressures on real estate by a number of taxes, regulations, and the maintenance and renovation work.
A property in Majorca is met and safe and therefore a good investment.