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Who is looking for a rental property, does well to narrow the criteria exactly, Where (location) and what (object), I'm looking for? As far as I am) willing to pay (rent? What is imperative for me (sea view, private pool, central location) school near you? Accommodations can be found through newspaper advertisements, the Internet or using a reliable real estate agency.

Long term rentals or vacation rentals in Mallorca

Anyone who already owns a property in Majorca and toying with the idea, let them, should, however, only one deal with the Mallorcan tenancy. Basically, in the area of rental housing, the Spanish rental law, the Ley de arrendamientos Urbanos (LAU). It aims to regulate the usual longer-term rentals for the purpose of sustainable use of the property as a residence. However, the LAU opened in certain individual cases the possibility of a short-term rental, for example if the tenant is for a short working visit to Mallorca.

As a rule, German property owners but are more interested in the lucrative short-term tourist rentals, for which a special permit is required (ETV). An estate without a license to rent can be punished by a fine of up to 300,000 euros. Lately, more and more illegal rentals were discovered by the inspectors of the Tourism Authority. And the possibilities of a new start are limited: A new license is issued in Mallorca is currently only for houses with pool, whose land is classified as urban.

If, ultimately, the question of whether the short-term rental for the LAU is a way to circumvent this license. The answer is: Probably not. Basically Mallorca authorities could already go from a holiday rental, if an object is commercialized. As evidence they may be tourist services such as cleaning of the property or the provision of bed linen. Even if the tenant the costs not directly related to the society (for example, pays the cost of electricity to the electricity company), but they charge you a flat with the landlord, is often assumed that authorization of a tourist rental. The same is true when it is placed on the experience that an object is temporarily rented out several times.

Conclusion: The private tourist rental, is weak in Mallorca. It is also unlikely that anything will change in a region where the Hotel Association of the most influential interest groups heard something about it quickly. However, the purchase of a rental license is not impossible. At Mallorca regular course is set against the rental market for growth. The rents rise slowly and moderately, which suggests that it will continue to provide stability and a good development.