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Real Estate Mallorca: Finca hotels in Majorca are in fashion

After the crisis of 2009 and the sluggish start of 2010, bookings in the country hotels have raised again. Popular are holiday in the country hotel especially by German tourists, comments the Hotel Association of agritourism farms

It is a different kind of hotel concept: Instead of a bed castle located in the tourist crowds including hundreds of "roommates" and thousands more bathers on the beach, the country hotels of the island, relying mainly on quiet landscape, nature, dignity, and much, much peace. Organized the rural accommodation establishments since 1989 in the association of agricultural tourism, which can most likely be translated as "farm holidays".

So leave the barn? Not at all! The history of Mallorca Farmhouses is often back to the time of the Moors and the Reconquista. Thus, the plants often turn out as stately home with a sizeable land, on which there are fields, forests and entire mountain ranges can. "Holidays in the historic country estate" would therefore be a more appropriate designation.
In the words of Joan Bonnin, the new president of the Agro-Tourism Association, the organization counts 120 member companies, which represents half of all holiday accommodation of this kind
According to the tourism authorities are operating 242 establishments in this area. The number of beds, amounting to nearly 3990th The agro-tourist farms that provide only one to two percent of hotel beds on the island, but about 15 percent of the accommodation establishments. In this list find the "agri Turismos" the country hotel without agriculture and animal breeding ("Hotel Rural") and the guest houses in the villages (Turismo de Interior ") included. Often, they are also here to historic property.
The economic crisis has the "green" tourism harm is limited. Compared with 2007, the "best business year," the number of farms increased by ten to the beds by as much as 15 percent.
Despite this increase, the country inns have not saved as much revenue as before the crisis. "The occupancy rate in 2009 was 20 percent below that of 2007," said Bonnin. 2010 are, however, better than the previous year. Especially the second half of 2010 was well booked. Consider this trend, the business in 2010 are perhaps five percent of the of 2009. "You can see again more optimism."
It adds that not all companies are equally from the ups and downs of demand affected. "We have 120 members. They are 120 different realities and 120 different experiences, "says the president the situation. In plain English: one is operating alone in the mountains, the other at sea, the third in a vineyard. Is this a country hotel, especially in the cooler season demand, such as hikers, the other was rather full for the summer, the third turn, especially in the autumn. Many a company has specialized in cycling and golf vacation, others in restaurants or spa, and others on riding or eco-agriculture. The selection is as varied as the island itself
Unlike hotels there are in the agro-tourist farms are no stars as a quality indicator, admits Bonnín. However, the offer covers quality standards from a two-to five-star sector. "Most of our houses would be as hotels in the three-and four-star sector." This variety is reflected in the price: The room in the Hotel Agro can cost 50-375 € per night. In some houses to suites with proven comfort and state of the art, the night also cost 1,000 euros. More information about the farms with guest beds are available on the website of the Association,
Mainly German tourists feel like the country. They make up about 60 percent of the guests. Consciously than before but the association wants to attract even Mallorcan residents to weekend trips to the Agro fincas.

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