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Real Estate Majorca: High-quality real estate and land prices remain stable in Mallorca


The property market in Mallorca presents itself remains stable. Specializing in vacation homes and villas and mansions in the south east of the island are still a valuable investment. No sign of crisis-induced fall in prices or fire sales. The real estate providers AM Real Estate Property Majorca in Santanyi offers many select homes in its portfolio with lucrative terms.

The past 20 years Mallorca coined the market has been a steady growth in international buyers. The last 12 months, prices remained static, at times with distressed sale Chara cat, but no distress sales in general are taking place and you wait for a sale close to the initially set the price. Our advice then is to keep the price down, but open for discounts of 10-15% to be. Another criterion was the rate of exchange: Many British owners who bought at a rate of about 1.5