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Real estate investments have many tax advantage

The escape into property gains, given the financial crisis in importance. So it is good that the Treasury and tenement Immobilienfonds privileged.

Since New Year's Day 2009, the final tax settlement with the tax-free capital gains on securities. Real estate speculation, however, retain their period and foreign investment unchanged solve little or no taxes from. For the investment in bricks and concrete, the tax rules, or even improve, especially across the border and open real estate funds. Even users also benefit by high depreciation and amortization for the monument object, and on residential Riester, there is now again a state funding.

While investors new tax rules and fourth flat tax on almost everything to pay may be investors in bricks and concrete sit back and relax. Open and closed-end real estate and homeowner but retain their speculation period and with the discharge of tax must employ hardly landlord. Under the current law may also finance officials at constant losses not ask if the domiciliary eventually return black. For rented housing is generally assumed that the owners want to generate surpluses.

The theme of love is also rich in red taboo, so that even high interest debt, depreciation and running costs without corresponding revenue count. This is when Mietimmobilie from completion or even buy a regular first professional high surpluses, which are offset other income. Similar favorable when it comes to changing guest cottages rented out. Again it is immaterial whether on a permanent basis to achieve a surplus or intention. As a limitation can only hire the local time is not more than 25 percent below his. Tax changes, there are cases of open real estate funds, but mostly in favor of the investor. The papers belong to the traditional mutual funds, which would also help the balance of domestic rental income minus expenses and depreciation plus sales gains within ten years to the capital receipts from 2009 and includes only one quarter charges triggers. The fund managers can profit from local office parks and shopping complexes, including 2009, its investors tax-free distributions, if the ten-year deadline speculation.

Rents and sale proceeds from the other side of the border interested in the local tax authority after 2008 do not show up, the current progression is deleted. The will only until 2008 that the tax rate on other income attracts. Funds, which are mainly or only in real estate abroad, press the tax savings for the future, even tends to zero, in the post-tax return comes barely a bond with. Open-ended real estate through the tax reimbursement for many investors even more fiscally attractive than at present anyway.

Closed-end real estate must be no new regulations. Initial losses, though since the end of 2005 no longer immediately offset. Ensure the extended red figures from the investment phase now that the tax on the surplus in subsequent years through the early minus undecayed once just empty out, as the subsequent sale proceeds, if the fund is liquidated. This business is in fact only after the expiry of ten years scheduled.

With funds objects across the border to pay investors for income earned there, using the exemption granted, and moderate rates with little or no taxes. In Germany, the income tax-free. They affect only continue through the progression from when the fund is sitting outside the EU. The burden, however, is usually minimal.

Real estate stocks, however, take the tax settlement, as speculation period, deduction of expenses and the half to account for dividends. Negative Beech also proposes that unrealized losses in shares, in contrast to all other securities with interest and dividends, but only with a share plus can charge. This remains the advantage of shareholders that their investments more liquid than real estate and flats are closed end funds. If certificates on real estate indices refer to slide faster in the tax settlement. Because the stock price gains for the protection applies only when sold by the end of June 2009. This can be from the second half of realized capital losses against other income offset, so far there is no compensating tax.