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Real estate climate improves

Hope on the property Horziont? The current real estate index of the economic consulting firm King Sturge announces for the third time in succession, an improvement of the real estate climate. Commuting the markets again?

The independent market research company BulwienGesa conducted by King Sturge in March-commissioned survey of 1,000 real estate experts showed an improvement of the real estate climate by 12.1 per cent 52.9 points. In February, the value still at 47.2 points. This continued the positive trend of previous months continued.

Responsible for the development is mainly since Angfang of 2009 positive assessment of the investment climate, with increased investment and consumption and transaction readiness last month to 26.9 percent from 40.5 to 51.4 points increased.

Sascha Hettrich, Managing Partner of King Sturge Germany recognizes the numbers in "signs of soil formation and normalization" of markets, even though "many economic experts continue their forecasts partly clear downward correction." Above all, improved Invenstitions and conditions of purchase and the chance on attractive investments would provide lightening the mood.

With the yield climate has also the second part of the real estate climate improves, albeit only slightly, from 54.1 to 54.5 points. In particular, residential prove itself as a stable area at a high level (up 5.9 percent to 101.5 points). Also in Commercial Property is again upwards. The valuations of commercial real estate (up 18.1 percent to 55.5) and office objects (from 27.8 to 32.0 points) showed a clear rise and despite the rather low values increase confidence.