Majorca Property News

Historic property, country houses and castles are all the rage

increasing demand in Mallorca at historic real estate - farmhouses, manor houses and palaces in higher demand than ever!

In recent months, a trend has prevailed. The demand for historic estates, mansions and castles in Spain has risen disproportionately. Are there on the mainland mostly castles by which well-heeled home buyers are looking, increasingly in Mallorca historic estates, mansions and City palaces are on demand. The reasons are obvious: an historic property stands out from the "normal" Mallorca property such as Villa in first line or the newly built country house, brought its owner a valuable investment and secures the way to an exclusive standing. The range of historic real estate is scarce and, moreover, such objects are rarely offered on the websites of real estate agents. Why because both the buyer and seller of such property like to buy or sell discreet almost on behalf of customers we are looking for a suitable property discretely. Historic homes are often cheaper than expected. City Palaces are to get even for just under 3 million euros, agricultural goods range in price from about 6.000.000€ upwards. The most expensive single property currently in the portfolio of AM Property Mallorca is a restored country house in Palma for that 40 million Euros will be called. Such historic property will be used by their new owners not only as a private residence, the property more often found after extensive restoration as a hotel, restaurant or retirement home, a new use. All the more so because Majorca year after year will become more open to the gentle and exclusive tourism. Here, many investors now see a promising market with sustainable and above all a safe value of their investment.