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Property Spain: Mallorca - Real estate is a dream for many

The interest in foreign property is huge. The greatest demand is still there for villas, houses and flats in the classic holiday destination Spain.
Many countries have German real estate. Far behind the front lies Spain. It is estimated that there are here alone some 800,000 German property owners. When buying an apartment or a house, the traditional destinations are quite popular: Property in Mallorca, on the southeastern coast, at Santanyi, Palma de Mallorca and around Llucmajor particularly find many buyers.
Property abroad give their owners many amenities. You can make year-round vacation without having to make sure that you get a nice apartment or even a hotel room. It takes too much luggage, clothes and other commodities because they can be easily at home or in the finca. Anyone who wants to can of course also let its foreign property and write it as part of the cost again, or even make a profit.
Well worth the purchase of overseas real estate can be in terms of inflation: who was ten or even five years before buying a cheap property in Spain, a house or a cheap apartment, can look forward some time later, with significant gains.
Applies just as in the case of foreign real estate properties in Germany: In the situation that matters. In southern resort areas that means above all: the closer the property is located on the sea, the more valuable it is. The best thing is, of course, if they are from the balcony or terrace offering wonderful views of the sea. Then foreign real estate can be both - home for relaxing holidays and lucrative investment.
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