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Property Mallorca: Real Estate Investments in Mallorca

Mallorca is still one of the safest places for real estate investments in the world and thus a hot tip to invest in secure property.

Many investors, it is now against the backdrop of the turmoil in financial markets about investing their money in safe property. The island is in terms of real estate investments of the ten best and safest locations in the world. Mallorca speaks for the balance between supply and demand, the strict control of new construction projects, easy access and advanced infrastructure. The last two years has been a market adjustment in both the partially covered ideas about prices of real estate sales and in terms of sorting out non-professional real estate agent. Overall, the property market in Mallorca has shrunk healthy.

The first quarter of 2011 was one of the strongest sales in 10 years by the early Easter holiday again was a significant increase in interest in investing mainly German and British customers in a property in Mallorca, determine.

No question, the image of Majorca has improved in recent years. Without having taken leave from mass tourism to Mallorca today is a cosmopolitan center for wealthy property owners and a growing number of luxury travelers who can now choose between more than 20 five star hotels. Even with its infrastructure, with 23 golf courses, several marinas and galleries, and a first-class restaurant scene can show off the island. There is no better location for the second home is currently probably not in Europe. Even people who previously lived in the south of France, now, to buy real estate.

It has long been not only the southwest and the area around Palma is the only highly coveted region on the Balearic island. Top prizes are also achieved in the most scenic areas of Mallorca, such as in Pollença in the north, at Santanyí / Felanitx in the southeast or in Sóller.