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Property Mallorca: Majorca primarily a real estate investment


Otherwise known as a conservative and risk-averse investors in the crisis Germans show a strange face. For while the majority of European citizens to use as retirement homes and housing, see the Germans, according to a study Mallorca properties primarily as an investment.

In times of crisis, remember the people back to the old values. The gamble on the stock market is not being particularly asked to see "solid" investments such as gold, or with "concrete Gold" somewhat diffusely localized properties of a renaissance. According to a British consulting firm of Absolute Strategy Research (ASR) on behalf of Janus Capital asset study, in which interviewed 6011 people from Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, thinks more than half of all European consumers there is currently very favorable conditions for the purchase of a property. Especially in troubled Spain, whose housing market has had to cope particularly dramatic intrusions, the proportion of potential home buyers, 60 percent are particularly high.
Nevertheless, the most cautious, even if an unexpected windfall, the financial situation would suddenly improve. In this case, the majority preferring first of all would pay off existing debts, before they become a real estate investment venture. 82 percent of respondents said they considered that it believes it is currently difficult to get loans. A quarter has also settle issues, credit or mortgage interest payments of existing loans.
Show a completely unfamiliar face the fact as a nation of renters-known Germans in the motivation of the real estate acquisition. 52 percent would buy a property in addition to the main dwelling and to use primarily as an investment, while the rest of Europe, only 10 percent would choose this strategy.