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Property Mallorca: Majorca and its eyesores


In Spain there are bad people, as everywhere, but what in each country adopts its own forms, which are criminal fields of work. So here it is very tempting to arrange something with real estate. The boom of the brick owes Spain, a country with five thousand kilometers of coast line, (its long economic emergence and currently) a painful downfall. Anyone who travels with their eyes open through the area, especially in those parts, where three thousand hours of sunshine a year, the rule can evaluate the urbanistic and aesthetic consequences of uncontrolled construction at every step. Bad people must indeed have no taste. You only need to master the art of transformation: For agricultural land make building land.

Now the Court of Appeal of the Balearic Islands, the four-year prison sentence for Eugenio Hidalgo, the former mayor of the town of Andratx in Majorca confirmed. Hidalgo had illegally placed on a parcel of land with special scenic value to a house and was convicted in May 2008. He has been criticized not only for violations of building regulations, but also abuse of office. The confirmation of the ruling at the year in the Spanish media has achieved some attention. It takes so fond of those in power would play by their maneuvers, while the young people would have lagged for trifles. Not this time. But there is still more to it. It was like finally someone would even among nationwide sympathy behind bars, so you can convince themselves criminal would actually be punished. And it is looking for a demonstration object with symbolic value, one has in the case of the now condemned anything that might need it.
In the form correctly, lie in the substance
Eugenio Hidalgo was still mayor of Andratx, when he bought at a price of thirty thousand euro has nearly four thousand square meter plot of land - for less than eight euros per square meter. In arable terrain, the price shoots slightly to the twohundret times. The Court considers it proven that Hidalgo sat down after the purchase, in conjunction with Jaume Massot, at that time head of the Building Department in Palma, and asked him for help. He wanted to build a house on his land, although it was forbidden. A week later, Massot advised to submit an application for expansion of an agricultural warehouse to.
The following was, as regards the conduct of exemplary accuracy, but lie in the substance of the highest degree. In early 2003 appointment of a fantasized that purpose agricultural engineer in a report about the agricultural non-existent use of the land, invented orange trees, vegetable beds, laying hens and justified the need to expand a built in spirit to Funktionsbau. In February 2003, Eugenio Hidalgo put the necessary application, which was approved in May, following a personal visit to the site by Massot and a colleague. Everyone knew that no one here ever plant breeding bit, or would reap. As soon as he had the permit in his pocket, was mayor of Hidalgo and the construction of a detached house of one hundred and thirty square meters in order. Why should the Lord does not treat a particularly important beautiful view to the low price?
Violations of building laws and especially the illegal conversion of land are among the most lucrative crime in Spain. The tracks often disappear in the web of nepotism and crony business relationships. Even blown up scandals in recent years, from the Balearics to Marbella, where former mayor in 2006, adopted in its current mayor and had the Head of Civil Engineering in prison have changed that. The temptation is simply too great, and what is a piece of land that endures, and apparently no one heard anything?
At times, been in Spain built more new housing units together as in Germany, France and Italy, and in some places, the house prices tripled in the last fifteen years. Because there are still many empty spaces - Spain is larger than Germany, but only half as many people - caused by shock-like speed urban giant projects with real benefits, hardly anyone in jeopardy. The now confirmed the sentencing of Hidalgo - after all, is replaced by his assistant Massot three and a half years in prison - for the Spanish state, the right signal. And it will encourage future eyesores to act a little smarter