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Property Mallorca: Holiday homes in Mallorca always popular

A cottage in the sunny south is a dream. The prices are partially favorable. After purchase, there are also problems. After all, the property shall be repaired and kept in good conditions.

More and more often decide to German (again) for a vacation property as a second home or investment - not least because, for example, to get the bought in boom times Spanish holiday villas by the financial crisis at a discount of up to 30 percent at bargain prices. An estimated 1.2 million Germans have the holiday rentals in Spain, Austria, France, Italy and Turkey.
According to a survey of BHW, Spain is at 44 percent of respondents still leader of a potential holiday home investment. "300 days of sunshine a year ensure that the property market will recover in one to two years back, and thus prices will rise again. Now is the time for real estate purchases in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza and Minorca). The islands - and here, especially in Majorca - from many German airports quickly and cheaply achieved. Majorca has kept up with many prominent real estate owners as its prices at a high level and will generate further increases in value.
Rent or no?
The purchase of a holiday home should pay for itself. In addition to the purchase price plays a role, how often you use his holiday home or whether you want to permanently live there. will also clarify who is taking care of the property when no one is on site. In principle, also important, whether one wants to rent his house is. Such revenues must be shown to the tax office.
In Spain, with steadily rising housing prices to be expected. Conveniently, it is still on the eastern coast of Mallorca. This year due to lower prices growing popularity. AM Real Estates contributes to the account already. Mainly because the infrastructure associated with restaurants and supermarkets Central European tastes into account.
Buying a holiday apartment or holiday villas will be well. Basically: Before you buy, the property should not only know from the brochure or the Internet, but they have previously viewed.
Holiday Organizers should consider also that a house always additional expenditure: it draws only lawnmowers and garden tools are for sale, then the roof needs to be repaired and, finally, to beautify a large fireplace and a new kitchen the apartment. Not to mention a pretty garden pavilion. All this leads to more and less time to enjoy the holiday home. The time required to earn the money for his maintenance.
Although the financial and real estate crisis when buying a holiday flat in the south currently still can make a real bargain, could contribute a rental of the property to cover costs and therefore to even more joy in Majorca property.

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