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Property Mallorca: first luxury property as certified passive house receives building permission.

Santanyi Majorca - After the Consell Insular now has the appropriate engineering authority of the municipality of Santanyi approved the plans for the first of the Institute of passive house Technology in Darmstadt certified passive house in Majorca. The by Casa Pasiva Majorca Sl planned luxury property in the Mallorcan farmhouse - style in S'Alqueria Blanca in the south east of Mallorca may now be built.


What is a passive house

A passive house is a building that can be reached in a comfortable indoor climate both in winter and summer without a separate heating or cooling system. It offers enhanced comfort with a heat requirement of less than 15 kWh / (m² a) and a primary energy including hot water and household electricity of less than 120 kWh / (m² a). The passive house is a logical development of the Low Energy (NEH). Compared to the NEH a Passive 80% less heating energy needs, compared to a conventional building over 90%. Converted into a passive house heating oil come in with less than 1.5 liters per square meter. This sensational savings achieved solely by the Passive his two basic principles: to avoid heat losses and optimize free heat gains! 

The sun heats up for free 
Heat gains achieved by the passive house windows and the heat generated by people and domestic appliances. In summer, shading prevents e.g. Balcony or blinds, the overheating of the rooms. During the cold winter months will also have the comfort ventilation or heating the incoming air, thus can be dispensed with a separate heating system. 
The long-term measurements in the first passive house in Darmstadt, Germany-Kranichstein proves it: Even in the winter of 1996/97 with a daily mean temperatures century of up to -14 ° C, the required heat output in the four apartments were so small that we needed a room with 20 m² of living space with two standard 75-watt bulbs could heat up. In the room air temperatures were in the Four family day always above 20 ° C. 

Why is a passive house in Mallorca? 
The answer is actually very easy to answer, for allowing the solar architecture: 

a comfortable climate in all living rooms - In winter, the heat remains inside 
- In summer, the heat stays out 
bright sun-drenched living room with no problems with overheating 
no cold exterior walls and windows generate a sense of unease 
an air leak, which is an absolute in the premises guarantees Zugfreiheit 
A Comfort ventilation with heat cools in the summer without air conditioning in a pleasant way and warms the room during the heating season with very low energy consumption 
do not need a conventional heating more for you to be independent of fossil fuels can look to the future 
no condensation on cold surfaces or poorly insulated, so no mold in the house 
controlled exchange of air over the whole year without any compulsory attendance and therefore no unpleasant odors 
to filter unpopular ingredients in the air (Allergy) 
even if the house is not heated, the temperature drops the window in winter not less than 170 Celsius 

The sustainability of the design increases the life of the property and provides a larger value of your investment 

and, and, and ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... and the best part: you will actively contribute to climate protection and help the beautiful environment in Mallorca for you and your posterity to