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Property Mallorca: Finca in Majorca more popular


The property prices in Mallorca remain stable. Most buyers are from Germany and Scandinavia, but also the British buy again.

With the first warming rays of the sun have warped this year a lot of clouds over the real estate Mallorca. Thus, according to the Mallorcan Association changed the real estate entrepreneur API in the first quarter, about 15 percent more than the owner of objects in the same period 2009th In addition to property in the upper price segment, particularly spacious property with modern equipment, are particularly sought after villas for under 500 000 €. The Finca market has recovered significantly and is experiencing a revival. Leaders in prices is despite the decline in the last two years without change of the Southwest of the Balearic Island. German-speaking clientele dominated the market here.
The first three months of this year were in this region the best in the last three years. Cheaper there are villas, holiday houses and apartments in the east and southeast. In this region AM real estate offers a wide range of Fincas, villas, chalets, apartments, plots and commercial real estate.
In the Northeast, especially in the region around Arta, where is the square meter price for villas currently around € 30, the island brokers expect prices in the medium term. In the old town of Palma, where supply is limited, prices show stable - for well-located apartments with no view will 250000-300000 € requested - in the outskirts of the capital city there are houses still 15-20 percent cheaper than before the crisis.
As a buyer come mainly German and Scandinavians in, sellers are English and Spanish. An easing of the market situation is clearly noticeable. The trouble lies, the brokerage business is picking up, supply and demand commuted to one with rising prices.
That is one side of the Mallorca property market in 2010: the sun. The other side is gray: while the segment of the vacation homes appears healthy and has resumed after the crisis in motion, the housing market for the Mallorcan presented unchanged bleak. It lacks almost everywhere on the island of affordable rental housing. Even for smaller units to the southwest are often up to 1800 € per month berappt. The purchase price for such apartments: 400 000 €. It can not afford young people and families. Before the owners go down but with the prices that they rent out their apartments rather expensive in the summer to tourists. The result: Many homes are empty for months, while looking for a place to stay, thousands Mallorcan. The politicians in Palma seems to have recognized the problem: To find suitable homes average earners again, the island government with all the parties recognize a "Pact for, adequate and affordable housing" closed. 5000 social housing to be built. Much to be done by the Procurement of abandoned construction sites, objects, which started years ago, but were not completed. There are quite a lot on the island. With this action, would the policies are also in the construction sector under the arms, which survived not yet a crisis.