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Property Mallorca: Construction site tours in Palma de Mallorca


Scheduled tours: Congress Palace, walls, Playa de Palma

At dawn, Port d'Andratx is the port to which he always was. Screeching seagulls circle above the old fishing boats that leave their berths early against five clock like rats a sinking ship when they were taking the dreams of ancient times in their networks, they are with, and in still black shining sea.

Even at breakfast in the "Samoa" to residents and tourists examine with Lacoste shirts and reconditioned used cars offered for sale such as faces, and one suspects why Port d'Andratx and Port is nonsense. " Some 2,000 residents in the "Düsseldorf hole" think the St-Tropez of the Germans, since Bea Fiedler 15 years ago was dancing in a topless bar on the table, which no longer exists.

Bauskandalen defiance - while at Marbella property prices tumbling in the basement, they rise this year by 15 percent. In Andratx is purchased, manufactured, drilled and dredged. "The corrupt mayor has ruined a lot," said a broker who wishes to remain anonymous. Awarding illegal building permits, bribes in the millions threw the prosecution in May to a four-year prison sentence against convicted ex-mayor. "Since it is harder than ever to get building permits!" 1996 was a square meter of land at 80 marks, while today the Willing Buyer must ensure open from € 700, "Top shell out". The green hills of old have almost covered with concrete everywhere.

Well, then. At that time, imagined realm between fishing boats and three or four bars or alone on the crooked cobblestone streets in the village, whose facade was largely authentic Majorcan. Back when the black money in bundles before the great Don Pedro was down on the table, he should build a "most beautiful house on the hill". The legendary architect Pedro Otzoup gave the Andratx hills with Mediterranean architecture, its typical face. He died in poverty, as a player, fortune seekers, stranded. His property was drained at the roulette table, his work remains.

Just over ten years, then the people came into the "harbor of hope." Honest services, but also those with fake business cards, or with criminal records that are longer than the waiting list for a local phone line. Year-round caretaker in luxury villas, waiter, butler, gardener, gigolos. "You know," say the first of those days today, "if large animals pass through the village, they are just haunted by flying." On the other: A donkey is like flying without a king without a people. Somebody had to finally accept the things that is not the common wuppt Mallorcan. Hardly a resident master the language of the islanders. The dentist to cleaner: You speak German. And subculture operates in pure form.

In every third house there is a real estate agent or interior shop with a Mediterranean-nonsense, which is available elsewhere certainly cheaper. The sophisticated dinner for two is less than 100 € in the port to have little. "High prices keep away Billigtouris" have ruined Sun broker Nils F. "For the Russians, Marbella, here's even more rich and celebrities than before." Dieter Bohlen often parked his Jeep freshly polished on the promenade, in the "Mercadona" Sabine Christiansen discussed in fluent Spanish about ham from the black pig, a TV colleague Jürgen von der Lippe changes his TV outfit after the end of shooting apparently reluctant: safari shirt, shorts, straw hat, what the hell, it is yes on majorca.

The city of Palma de Mallorca has taken tours to the major construction sites and such areas in the borough into the program, where major construction projects be accelerated. The office will, in cooperation with the Chamber of Architects in Mallorca give citizens an opportunity to learn about the projects of the new Palma de Mallorca, as they say. Here, the citizens also can directly discuss with the project leaders about the changes in the cityscape. The tours in Spanish are free, each project is presented with a theoretical and practical part. We meet every Friday at 19 clock in the Chamber of Architects, Calle Portella 14 in the old town of Palma, where the responsible architect gives a speech. On Saturday it will be a guided tour of each site. Seven projects were selected: 7th May: Baluard del Príncep (restoration of the historic city walls of Palma on the Paseo Marítimo), architect Elias Torres 14th May: Corredor Verde del Parc de les Vies (New green spaces in the city center around the train station), Albert Viaplana 28th May: Conference Building, Architect Patchi Mangado 4th June: transformation of the streets and Blanquerna Fábrica, architects and Toni Riera Joan Forteza 11th June: modernization of the Playa de Palma, architect Adriaan Geuze 18th June: Market transformation Pere Garau 25th June: Escoletes (kindergarten and school construction) The coastal village of Port d'Andratx survived between Society and oddities