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Property Mallorca: AM Inmobiliaria on New Real Estate Exhibition in Palma


To reactivate the collapsed real estate market in Mallorca, property development plans to the Association of the Balearic Islands, a new exhibition called Fire floor.

On her part of the currently 7,000 residential units to be sold, for which so far has found no interested. According to the chairman of that organization, Gabriel Oliver, has already met with Palma City Council an agreement to hold the fair in April in the center of the Balearic capital. Proposed location is the Plaza Mayor. Within the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Housing Balearic potential buyers should also be helped to finance the mortgage.

The real estate broker AM y Promociones Inmobiliaria Mallorca Property is in
His cooperation with the Passive House Manufacturers Pasiva Mallorca SL represented at the fair there next to the first luxury property as certified Passive
which is realized in S'Alqueria Blanca, presenting the other ambitious projects of the two companies. Are currently being planned, the construction of 36 condominiums and a 5 star boutique hotel with 13 adjacent luxury villas built to passive house in Cala Figuera and another luxury villas with 270 degree sea views in S'Alqueria Blanca.

Passive project S'Alqueria blanca

Basic technical information


Establishment of a finca in the local style in passive house technology. The finca is completed without emission of emissions and with a minimum to zero can be operated on energy costs.

• building envelope

The term "passive house" refers to a construction standard. This is different constructions, shapes and materials to achieve. It is a development of low-energy ( "NEH") standards.
The term "passive" identifies a building in which there is a comfortable indoor climate both in summer and winter, without spending a lot of energy for it to have.
This implies in particular that the annual heating demand will not exceed 15 kWh / (m2a). Still necessary residual heat can then be done by heating the incoming air through the already existing ventilation system, or through Niedertemperaturheizflächen. Passive houses need about 80% less heating energy than new construction after the German Thermal Insulation Regulations 1995 and the Austrian building regulations. In Majorca, this amount should be even higher.
The name "passive house" derives from, therefore, that in essence the "passive" use enough of the existing heat from the sunlight through the windows and the heat generated by appliances and occupants in order to keep the building at comfortable indoor temperatures during the heating season to.
In a passive house is also the other energy needs, particularly the demand for electricity for household appliances, etc., are minimized by using efficient technology. The aim is to ensure that does not exceed the total final energy demand for heating, hot water and household 42 kWh / (m2a). This is lower by at least a factor of 4, when the specific fuel consumption of new buildings in accordance with the rules applicable in Europe.
One of the main pillars is therefore the building envelope. The building envelope consists of the various components of a house. The key components are the windows and exterior walls and roof. But we speak only of a high-quality building envelope, thermal bridges when these components are interconnected.

In order to reach not only an energy reduction due to reduced heat dissipation, but also a very good air-tightness. The energy is lost to some of the walls and windows and a large part of leakage. Leaks occur between the connections of different parts of the building. Heat rises and cold down. In the case of heating the air is rising. There is a thermal in-house. The warm air is pushed out through leaky roof connections. A leaking roof connection is the transition between wall and roof. At a temperature of about 0 degrees and an interior temperature of 22 degrees may cause a huge boost. This lift is similar to a hot air balloon. Only the house is too heavy to fly to. Prints Energy and the warm air but with the same force against the roof.
In a passive all these leaks are eliminated already in the planning and execution of special attention.
The walls are landesuntypisch Insulated. In most cases, it is also necessary to insulate the basement walls, as a not insignificant amount of energy is lost into the ground. The windows in passive 3scheibig be executed. The Dreischeibenverglasung has enormous benefits. Cold air stays cold longer. If the house is warm, the heat and stay longer in the house. Drafts before the windows are a thing of the past. It is possible to implement without placing Floor to ceiling glazing on the windows to have radiators.
The passive construction is comparable to coffee from a thermos of coffee and they have to constantly keep warm on the stove. The product is the same. Warm coffee. Only the use of energy is ten times with the heat!

• Energy

In the selected energy is an alternative energy system with Niedrigstenergiefußbodenheizung comfort and ventilation system. On the easy handling and operation of building services system has been great care is taken.

Heat is the trend of the current energy situation is not with fossil fuels, but with a modern economic air / water heat pump. The heat pump is different to all other heating systems with the advantage that only a proportion of energy must be supplied in the form of electricity, but that four times the heat energy is available.

In an oil heating affects a price from one hundred percent on heating costs.
With a heat pump does the price increase of only about one quarter, since the environment is used to heat energy, which in turn results in a tremendous stability in the coming years in heating costs.

The Niedrigstenergiefußbodenheizung possible in conjunction with the very high quality building envelope has a Mediterranean climate in the whole house.
Through the single room control, it is furthermore possible to adjust the desired temperature in each room to be able to.
Due to the fact that the extremely low surface temperatures, which are kept only slightly above the desired room temperature, no air is moving can in a very open, spacious living room as in the various temperature zones to be created.

How can we respond to their condition, and produced over the entire heating period, a uniform temperature comfort, which can be precisely tailored to the needs of the occupants.

Valuable supplement to be created in the living room comfort zones by means of wall and ceiling heating. Due to the temperature of the walls and ceiling formed an incredible comfort. There are no cold walls or components to prepare more, the discomfort. The walls are comfortably warm as a stove. These comfort zones are located throughout the house in the walls and ceilings, forming an invisible radiator. Also in the baths all the walls run with wall heater, so that the stone or tiles can be a pleasant temperature.

In the summer case, it is possible to wall and ceiling heating for cold use. The heat pump can heat not only produce but also cooling in the summer, moving through the wall and ceiling heating system cools the house comfortable without air. Thus, a very quiet gentle cooling is ensured.

As a supplement, we build a passive approach, providing comfort in any ventilation system, which also ensures that air quality is guaranteed. It also supports the cooling, because it prevents the hot air enters the house, which would have to be cooled again only with a lot of energy down. The Wohnraumlüftung forms the basis for any passive, since it provides both summer and winter to ensure that an increase in temperature or a cooling of the house to prevent over the air.

It is in every living room, bedroom, living room and infiltrated fresh air and collected in the bathrooms, kitchen, WC's bad air of the room.

With the energy of the bad air is fresh outside air warmed up and fed to the rooms. Thus the house can be ventilated 24 hours a day, without having to spend on this heat.
Should the house for a long time to be uninhabited, there will be no stuffy bad air, when the house will be inhabited again. Is the house cool in summer, the interior ventilation ensures that the cool air stays in the house.

The many benefits of comfort ventilation:

- Fresh air and outdoor open a window without having to
- A fresh-aired house even if it is not always occupied, and thus a manual air anyway
  It is not possible
- Burglar security because no window open at night is
- On average 60% less dust as the Komfortlüftung sucks the dust in space
- No mosquitoes and flies in the house
- No pollen in the summer months
- No exposure to outdoor air filter dust with a particle filter
- Energy saving by heat recovery (about 30% of the total heating costs)
- Airing of odors from flooring, paints, furniture, etc.
- No residue of cigarette smoke in drapes or colors by continuous loading and priming
  throughout the finca
- By Entfeuchtungseffekt the interior ventilation system, the relative humidity is no longer rises
  enormous. Even in winter the humidity is kept down so that the indoor environment is also in the winter
  Mediterranean and very comfortable (no mold) felt

A modern heat pump system in line with the zeitgeist. It makes a major contribution to the environment and can therefore be considered sustainable. It conserves resources on the island. Since electricity is the only energy source that can be produced on the island. All other forms of energy must be transported to the island with high energy consumption. Dealing with power, must be very efficient, because the capacity at the moment are already nearly exhausted. Thus a house that is equipped with heat pump technology should be, the amount of energy to the system and the house needs to produce own solar photovoltaic and solar systems. Thus, the goal can be achieved running a house with no emissions and energy costs.