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Property in Spain: Buy villas, fincas and apartments in Majorca

What must be considered when buying and selling a property in Mallorca.
You want to buy a property in Mallorca? But are still searching for the right property or the optimal location? The real estate providers AM Inmobiliaria answer all your questions around the acquisition of real estate in Mallorca. In our portfolio we offer a large selection of Mallorca properties for rent or buy.
Before you decide, however, for the purchase of a property in Mallorca, you should answer yourself some important questions. First and foremost is of course your personal budget. What do they want and especially what you can invest in a property in Mallorca. Here is a realistic view is important. Even in Mallorca you have to resort to an object in a good location a little deeper into your wallet.
Also important is whether the amount of money you want to invest, have cash available or if you need to finance your vacation property a bank loan. Many Spanish banks also offer a financing option for foreigners. Without equity, it is almost impossible to buy in Mallorca the property. Meanwhile, but also - albeit few - Rent to own properties in Mallorca offered.
Of course you can also take over a German bank loan to purchase your Mallorca property.
Mallorca Properties rent or buy?
Mallorca offers a wide range of different residential properties. Whether you are looking for a simple apartment, a stylish villas, a luxury villa or a plot in a quiet location on the island you will surely find your Trauobjekt.
Once you want to examine for themselves whether Majorca is the right choice for you, or to explore the island in peace, you can initially hire a long-term object. Long-term rentals in Majorca start from leases with one years duration.
Majorca apartment as a vacation property?
Another question you should ask yourself before investing in a Mallorca property, it is like to take this property. Do you want to use your Mallorca property permanently as a resident and even emigrate to Majorca, or you just want in the winter months finca or villa to rent and occupy themselves during the summer to tourists, or for you to purchase a property in Mallorca and return on an investment property which you use only 2-3 weeks a year as a holiday home?
Many questions to which you should find an answer in peace, before you invest in a property in Mallorca working.