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Property as pension

Real Estate is a crisis-proof investment into old age - the house, the condo as a retirement

Anyone who thinks an early age to a pension? And who has a young age enough money to get a condo or a house to build or buy? The idea is seductive, because even those who are at an early age for buying a home or condominium in debt is pretty high, actually pay each month with the "redemption" to the property inside and not by the chimney and into the pockets of another owner. Because such a month is very short. But we must only trust and accurately, that since no enormous debt trap opens. Often young people think too rare because once they are old, and that then a hitherto abgezahltes the best retirement home could be. This is also high in the policy currently a very topical issue.

Logical and is certainly understandable: from the acquisition at an early age to use in old age - offers independence and home ownership is also a crisis-proof investment. That is a conclusion of a forum in BHW building society, on the financial experts, architects and sociologists, the main issues surrounding the property is lit.

Even real estate is still the only form of retirement that are already in a full Ansparphase offers additional benefits. "With this, double-effect 'overtaken all other real estate assets," said Dr. Michael Meyer, CEO of BHW Bausparkasse. As a result, one-and two-family houses from 1974 to 2004 an average yield of 7.38 percent and generate so rank just behind shares (8.31 percent) and fixed-income securities (7.36 percent), gold (4.68 percent) or savings account (4.13 percent).

But even real estate will remain in the new millennium, the future? Does the population in Germany have a negative impact on demand and prices in the real estate market? Current statistics show in a different direction: "Despite the decline in population from 2012 increases the demand for living space in 2030," said Dietmar König, Head of Product Marketing of BHW Bausparkasse. One reason is the still growing number of household formation, not least by the "single-trend". And that is a totally new aspect. So says King: "Of course 2050 is the demand for living space still about four to five percent above the current level."

Who is nick button on contract, which it is clear that with home ownership can actually save money. Your own four walls are known for their true owner Sparschwein how new investigations by the independent research firm empirica AG show. Economists have analyzed how the financial wealth of young renters compared to owner-occupied properties developed. empirica expert Dr. Reiner Braun said on the BHW forum: "Even if tenants and property owners have nearly identical incomes, have the owners shortly before her retirement nearly twice as much cash as they are given early and in a voluntary, forced savings situation 'go have. "But the fact is, with this project early enough to start.

The active shaping of the future under the motto: "The sooner, the better" is certainly a right step in the right direction.

Important for the value of a property, given the rapidly rising oil, gas and electricity all the modernization measures taken for energy conservation and use of alternative forms of energy. While modern energy-saving houses with an annual consumption of less than 40 kWh/m2 replacement needs of the building stock in Germany on average eight times more energy, but unfortunately at the moment and rising. Hopeless cases? On the contrary! "Almost every old building can be converted at minimal power consumption - the sooner, the better," advises the Munich architect Florian Lichtblau.

There are more and more elderly people who are as long as possible at home want to live. "Already today there are about three-quarters of all Another action derives directly from the demographic trend: There 90-year-olds," says the future researcher Prof. Dr. Horst W. Opaschowski. "In 2020, most 80 - and 90-year-olds in their own homes and communities themselves elected house and not live in retirement." Ensure the new tools such as residential ilfsmittel. This is the age-appropriate early begun rebuilding in the shower with no threshold, even in bad reflection on how levels might prevent or tools can overcome. Even older buildings are there for the aging generation of a challenge. However, it should arrive early enough with these later certainly necessary alterations begin, because this is not always easy and exhausting. Och fit enough, and that's all for the "aging bones" properly rebuilt. Those who stay healthy and yet not the fitness and freshness of youth enjoy and this is normal, then you can at his age just enjoying the property for a long time.

Many young couples have time to think about the age and do well in it. Indeed, although the construction of a house at the time in the distant future and then thought is built, then no need for measures that are necessary to rebuild. This saves money and labor and anger.

Property owners of all generations can therefore have a future in your own four walls and they are looking actively shape! A challenge also for innovative designers, such as the Berlin architect, Insa Lüdtke. My credo for the inter-generational living in a society of long life: Basically rethink! Away from the "old sound installations" to the feel-good insight "What old people is good, is good for all" - even for families with small children. And since it is entirely correct, because for small children, for example, climbing stairs are often just as troublesome for Grandma or Grandpa. This also applies to the 'right' Bathroom: grab bars where needed, slip-resistant bathtubs and showers and hand basins in the correct amount, safe for children and old sure the grandchildren and grandparents can then look and feel. Conclusion is, in any case: The property is an adaptive plant model for many generations.