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Old buildings no have to be energy skiddings

Listed buildings have no energy to be spinning. They can be prepared so that an accommodation to modern standards is possible, says the Association of Private Clients (JACL).

"With regard to the redevelopment but each house individually," said board chairman Thomas VPB Penningh. "Standardized solutions do not exist." The buildings and the appearance of historic buildings through the redevelopment should not be affected.

While bans are elaborate façades have external insulation. "But such houses can be heat-date," says Penningh. Whether the owner of a physical interior insulation is not easy to decide, or for alternative heating systems, which is directed always at the construction peculiarities of the property and the requirements of the competent authority of a historical monument.

Because a special architectural treatment, are experts in the process of solutions for common types of listed building to be developed. Some are in the guide, "energy conservation and heritage" of the German Energy Agency (Dena) included.

Since the restoration of listed buildings with many obligations, and usually more expensive than conventional real estate, the owners receive state monument. You can work on almost all tax-deduct their house, at 90 percent over ten years. Assuming that the house is used by the owners lived in and all rehabilitation and reconstruction works are to start construction of the monument competent authority and approved. The administrative consent is a prerequisite for the subsequent issuing of the certificate which the tax is not required.
Contemporary Environmental
Modern environmental technology can be used in old farm houses racks. "You can use geothermal heat pumps," author Thomas proposes specialist Drexel before. Modern solar panels can also be found on flat roofs of adjoining buildings are mounted so that they can not be seen. "After all is Gasbrennwerttechnik or a wood pellet heater to heat the farmhouse," says the author.
Material can be charged
The partial life-long history of historical components involves risks. You can use problematic substances have been treated by their use or toxic substances have been reported. At the beginning of each recovery is therefore a historical exploration, explained Christoph Freudenberger, CEO of the Entrepreneurs Association of Historical Building Materials. It was a residential building, the building materials could be most easily used. At a stall or a workshop, however, the materials are often contaminated.

Not always is the story of components to be clarified. Sometimes it is only through a laboratory test to find out whether and how a component has been treated. "I advise every customer by the dealer to demand," says Freudenberger.
Using materials with patina
HISTORICAL COMPONENTS unwrought material is offered or processed

  At an old farmhouse are thick wooden doors. And cast iron fittings are simply better than DIY goods. Wooden fittings and can be copied homeowner. Alternatively worthwhile to look at the web sites of historic building materials dealers. There, single doors for a house to find, is unlikely. Therefore, the goods offered patina and traces of use give them charm. Prior to the acquisition of historical materials to buyers, however, some issues clarified.

If an old house renovated, it is necessary first to examine whether the object is a listed building. "In this case, I would clarify whether there are targets. This saves duplication of work, "says Andreas Vogel, Diploma in Civil Engineering Görlitzer training center for artisans and monument.

If the house is not under protection, but still retain its character, it is advisable for a Bauforschung advice. Because the character of a building will not last through the used materials and components marked, says Mila Schrader, author of a guide on renovation (Mila Schrader / Julia Voigt: Mailing Guide and advice for renovation and exclusive living. Edition: otherwise, 24.95 euro, ISBN: 978-3 - 931-82432-7).

Historic building materials such as bars or stones often originate from demolition or gutting houses, says Christoph Freudenberger, CEO of the Entrepreneurs Association of Historical Building Materials (UHB). Dealers buy them on, but there are also camps, the authorities of monument or clubs operated, says Andreas Vogel. Apart from building materials are also components such as doors, windows, or tiled offered.

The historical materials are Unwrought - ie the way they made the previous houses have been removed - or edits offered. "There are people who want to enjoy the parts themselves reappraise" says Freudenberger. Others wished old with modern standards. Then, for example, a historic wooden door with safety and heat insulation.