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Not only look at low interest rates

Mortgage loans are currently very cheap to get. But low interest rates alone should never be a reason for a property to buy, warns Niels Nauhauser by the consumer office. Firstly, it is sufficient equity required. "The more equity, the more secure the financing," said Nauhauser. The consumer protection recommends an equity share of at least 20 percent. In addition, you need a degree of professional certainty. "Who has not, will prefer the finger from a real estate purchase can be." Because a sale of the property after a few years was often associated with high losses. Who is also financially assume the worst, even the threat of forced sales.

The banks and building societies are characterized at present a mixed picture in the demand for real estate loans. While individual banks from increased demand still feel nothing, while others have much more property than was funded in the previous year. "Currently, the purchase of a property appealing, because the key framework conditions such as mortgage interest rates and prices are cheap as rare," says Holger Appel of Deutsche Bank. It also provides for the BW-Bank so where in the consultations on the current favorable interest rates will be noted, especially with short term interest rates falling further is expected. The Sparda-Bank customers now have even processing commands. "Obviously Bauwillige are interested in the market, which is currently still low interest credit want", there is presumed. Even Heinrich Hartmann from the Southwest Bank AG expects tended medium with rising interest rates, although he currently also still falling interest rates will not entirely rule out.
Personal circumstances always in the foreground

He says, however, that in a real estate purchase is the interest rate situation is not too much focus should be. "What matters is the situation with the customer's needs and objectives", said the banker to the advisory goal. At Deutsche Bank, is also skeptical whether the interest rates continue to remain favorable. Your Experts for loans with longer fixed-interest perspective rather from rising interest rates, and recommend, therefore, not buying on the long bank to slide. Those concerned with the idea of building a new house to pay, should be carefully planned projects, recommends the Wuestenrot Bausparkasse. "Especially important is that the current interest and repayments of the loans on time are acceptable," says spokesman Wuestenrot Dr. Immo Dehnert. If these conditions were met, but you should now use the low interest rates and in the coming months to respond. To access advises the BHW building society, "if the client has sufficient equity." Especially families with children can use additional funding so that the monthly charges are often below the rent was paid previously.

Especially from the viewpoint of pension propagate most banks and building societies to own property. Marco Hertner from Hypovereinsbank Baden-Wuerttemberg currently observed a strong demand for real estate customers who are looking for long-term investment. But even as he advises his colleagues to full funding of expert advice. Because when it comes to real estate was a significant and long-term financial commitment. Hertner recommends a rate of 15 long years and more, which is, however, the possibility of unscheduled leave should admit. Although building societies for the past year was extremely successful - it grew the new business building of all building societies in Germany by 13.3 percent to 111.4 billion euros - will be less successful of the current interest rate trends, but rather the desperate situation in the financial markets have been signed. Many customers have given the financial crisis, the strong desire for secure and predictable investment and financing products, formulated as the Wuestenrot Bausparkasse.

Safe plants currently have a large market

As for the performance of real estate, these are banks such as building societies consistently optimistic. Thus, the number of households grow at least until 2020, and also could be the need for additional housing will grow, if the budget figures to fall, say the experts at Wuestenrot. After all, suppose the demand for living space per capita continues to grow. Furthermore, that real estate markets ever, and regional markets had already anticipated that many urban areas of migration gains will benefit, "if they offer a balanced work can have," restricts the BW-Bank.

In rural areas we are already experiencing a contraction of demand and hence price reductions, if infrastructure and transport links are below average. Under-investment point of view depends on the success of a real estate acquisition of course strongly on the chosen location. The German housing markets, prices stagnated in recent years, and only in selected locations, there were slight increases in value, so Holger Appel. But: "Where there is no price bubble has formed, hence can not burst." While the recession also meet the German housing markets. With the nationwide price declines, however, not be expected, so the experts at Deutsche Bank. You suspect that the house prices start to stagnate and perhaps even increase slightly, since the offer because of the new building permits will be cut more. For the BHW Bausparkasse is no question that the demographics, real estate prices could come under pressure. Though, the number of young families who want to build a house in the next few years off. At the same time but the number of households increase.

Mortgages heard on a solid foundation

It is not only the location for the performance of a property is becoming increasingly important: "If the location and grows or shrinks the house or apartment with the wishes of the inhabitants, is also the value of the property to remain stable or even rise," predicts Grimmert by Rüdiger BHW Bausparkasse. For Niels Nauhauser by the consumer center of Baden-Wuerttemberg remains a good advice at the heart of a real estate financing. This should be the entire mortgage lending on a solid foundation are: income, personal life planning, children, education and professional time perspective. Moreover, it often makes sense to existing savings and pension plans set, because the loan interest rate higher than the investment rate. People with low income should only be built if they have a high equity capital. A good counseling could then possibly mean that someone says: "Leave it!"


When it comes to handling solid knowledge about the topic of mortgage lending goes, many people are ignorant, now has a study, about 2000 people showed. When asked about the various possibilities of a loan, was just one in five, from the various forms of credit ever to have heard. "Less than one third of respondents could, for example, something with the term" Annuitätsdarlehen "start" it says in

An annuity is a constant loan repayment amounts (rates). In contrast to the loan repayment, the amount of the payable rate for the entire term equal to (if a fixed-rate period for the entire term has been agreed). The Annuitätenrate or shortly annuity is made up of an interest and a redemption share together. As with any rate a portion of the outstanding balance is repaid, will reduce the interest portion to the share redemption. At maturity, the loan debt is repaid. The interest rate is at the conclusion of an annuity over a contractually agreed fixed period. This period may also have the entire repayment period extended. The repayment should be in the first year and at least one percent of the loan (remaining) total amount. It then rises with the ongoing rate of theoretically up to 100 percent of the credit balance in the last year.

With a forward loan is a traditional annuity, with special arrangements are finalized. A forward loan is a loan which the borrower only after a certain time - up to sixty months after the conclusion of the contract - will be paid. A loan will be forward by the borrower for a real estate used if it is already at the time of concluding the loan contract a favorable interest rate for the future wants. The most common application forward for follow-on investment loans. The safety of the forward interest rate loan "bought" the borrower with an interest rate premium.,