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New golf courses in Majorca?

More golf courses needed the island. This calls for the chairman of the Association of Entrepreneurs in the Balearics, Josep Oliver.

In addition to Menorca and Ibiza should especially Mallorca more golf courses to obtain the offer more attractive and diverse to make. Finally, it is the golf tourism, the wealthy island holiday, and especially in the off-season bringing in money. This opinion is also the Tourism Minister Miquel Nadal. Golfers give more money to the island than other tourists and bring money outside the high season in Mallorca. Therefore, the investment in the construction of new golf courses quite rewarding. Currently Mallorca has a total of 22 golf courses.
The only problem is that the government in its coalition agreement excluded the courts, even to the hotels or apartments are connected. Moreover, only one study on the Mallorcan Tourist Board plans to develop the then decisions are made. EUR 75,000 but as expenditure account, inter alia, the wellness activities of the Balearic Islands will be extended.

Although golfers probably only a small part of the whole island tourists represent, they are golf courses for all but an enrichment, but especially for nature: Where golf courses, may, finally, no houses or roads are built.

Overall, the Spanish government is 600 million euros in the tourism sector of the Balearic Islands put to bring about an upturn. The holiday's will be looking ..