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New construction and renovation in a particularly ernergie save construction

Many houses are now considered "low-energy houses, passive houses" or "energy houses" means, without precisely defined, guaranteed and monitored, what special qualities they ever have. The RAL quality label design serves low-builders, building buyers and financial investors as security for the full energetic quality of the building and thus the expected significantly lower heating requirements. The scope of the label has now been expanded, the quality and the subject of a review of both RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification recognized.

The quality and testing now also include the planning and construction of new buildings and renovation in a particularly energy-saving design for "low-energy houses", "low-Renovation", "sub-remediation" and "passive houses". The quality and testing regulations apply to the planning and construction of residential and non-residential buildings with normal indoor temperatures in a particularly energy-efficient design in terms of their energetic properties. A particularly energy efficient in terms of quality and testing regulations are buildings with high architectural Wärmeschutz, consistently avoiding or minimizing thermal bridges, high air-tightness of building shell and equipped with ultra-efficient mechanical systems.