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Most people prefer a romantic country house

This romantic cottage is currently the most coveted Classification of a large part of the Germans: 62 percent of German citizens would have to decide this house model, revealed a survey by the Ipsos Institute (Munich) for the building and living magazine "The House".
Houses with sloping roof are beaten at almost 60 percent asked, and just as many respondents like houses made from bricks and bricks.
Almost half of Germans (46 percent) are excited for wood or block houses, 42 percent of eco-or bio-architecture. For modern buildings with lots of glass and clean lines rhapsodizes a third (37 percent).
Spacious townhouses, like townhouses, are 31 percent identical with popular series such as houses or double. Three out of five respondents would like in a playful Art Nouveau building from the turn of the 20th Century living, 19 percent prefer a flat roof bungalow in front, it says in the study representative. The survey questioned 1000 women and men aged 14 years.
Previously other favorites
As over one year ago the Hypovereinsbank subsidiary Planet Home (Munich) in a "real-estate trend study asked how men and women in Germany would like to live, saw the result of something different: At that time, modern buildings in the Bauhaus style with lots of glass used at 44.9 percent of respondents were the most popular.
Far fewer homes Fans voted for the country house - the style of early 20th Century with the famous architect Hermann Muthesius began and now the most popular seems to be. Muthesius advocated the abandonment of the large villa, with its high-floor basement and made the ground level of the ground floor access to garden modern. 18.7 percent of the home planet respondents in May 2008 this architectural style and its modern imitators her voice.
The third rank was in a southern Zweikampf decided almost behind the Italian Villa (9.8 percent) was the Spanish finca (8.1 percent). 6.1 percent of respondents, however, was the sense of an opulent villa, a mansion with many large rooms, which showed little stylistic distance to the next place: 5.9 percent would like "small castle with turrets and bay windows.