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Mallorca's coastal residents receive assistance from Brussels

The EU parliament needed just five minutes to Spain for its colonization and coastal policy abzustrafen. "With the announcement of the outcome I would prefer to immediately gejubelt loud, but I would not of course be referred to the Tribune," says Nordhild Köhler. The German, on the neighboring island of Formentera Mallorca itself is affected by the Spanish coast in the law of expropriation, was specially traveled to Strasbourg to the vote at all.

The adoption of the report of the Danish MEPs Margrete Auken celebrate those affected now as an important stage win. The parliamentarians agree with him on Thursday (26.3.) With 349 votes at 110 votes against and 114 abstentions to. The Greens politician criticized in her report the excesses in the building and urges the Spanish government to stop all construction projects that do not meet the criteria of sustainability needs. If not, the Parliament wishes to Spain also funds from the Cohesion Fund as appropriate.

In the case of the Coastal Act, the report calls on the Government to abandon projects, "not to protect the rightful ownership of property acquired legally guaranteed." Expropriation One should not, under any circumstances to support a law that after the acquisition of the land had been adopted .

That is, the Coastal Act of 1988, before: beach houses in the first line should therefore be a transitional period of up to 60 years to be expropriated, the owner will be given the opportunity, a temporary concession to apply (MZ reported). The law is mainly on the mainland coast of thousands affected by the Spanish Environment Ministry to demonstrate on the Balearic Islands have been particularly affected residents in Formentera.

"The vote on the more than five years of work of the EU Petitions Committee is a step towards the restoration of our legitimate rights," says Köhler. Now you can get one? Moderate tone "in the coastal authorities, and especially hope that many families in Formentera? The land of their forefathers as a legitimate owner can keep." The German also battling a back almost 30 years, bought house number, which is now hopefully her family remain.

Also on Mallorca welcomed the decision, but here are a few stakeholders previously known. Among them is a German from Cala Blava, now a lawyer in Madrid has turned. • The situation on the island of Majorca is worrying, "says Pedro Rodriguez, who is also concerned organizations on the mainland represents. It assumes that, on the island especially foreigners are concerned, which did not even have noticed that their house they do on the beach no longer belong.

"The problem itself is not the Coastal Act, but its interpretation," says Rodriguez. The current decision in Strasbourg will be an important basis for his now planned talks with politicians, to oppose the "unfair action by the Spanish authorities' approach. Because in many cases it could be a solution other than an expropriation can be found to improve public access to the coast to guarantee.

The Spanish government has become possible consequences have not been expressed. Members of the Socialists (PSOE) and the People's Party (PP) were counter-proposals on the Auken report failed and now give each other the guilt that Spain as a "banana republic" off, as the PP deputy José Manuel García-Margallo formulated. The PP had against the Auken report, the Socialists abstained.

The fight against the Coastal Act, however, also affected the stock split. Thus, the current President Carmen del Amo addition of the "Plataforma Nacional de Afectados por la Ley de Costas" a new initiative founded to? Asociación Europea de Perjudicados por la Ley de Costas ". Both groups now hope that the Coastal Act in important respects changed.