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Mallorca, where the island is beautiful and peaceful

Adiós Ballermann and most popular attractions:

Where little is happening. Where it is lonely and undetected. In the tourist hinterland, hidden away from any hustle and bustle and mass tourism is a lot of new territory to explore. Corners, under which German tourists might not otherwise would be looking for.

In the north bay of Pollença and Alcúdia
In the north of the island is the 12 000-inhabitant city of Pollença bay. The clear advantage of Pollença is: There is a maximum distance from the capital Palma de Mallorca. Just on the other end of the island. The town boasts numerous art galleries and a number of accommodations in a quiet environment. Still quiet, so lonely, because it is not occupied, it's about 20 miles away Felskap Cap de Formentor. A spectacular road leads up to the northernmost point of Mallorca. The view 200 meters down the cliff and the deep blue sea is breathtaking.
Ten kilometers sandy beach

Those who prefer to swim, can change in the Felskap from the sheltered bay of Pollença a deckchair looking. Because of its secluded location, the beaches of Pollença and the neighboring bay of Alcúdia as relatively calm. The greater Bay of Alcúdia, with about ten kilometers in length, not only more space for beach lovers, but also a small historical town. Here are excavations from the Roman period from the oldest settlement on the island.

In the mountains: the Orient and Alaró
Nature lovers and hikers will find their own paradise, the mountains of Serra de Tramuntana. From Pollença in the north runs the wild mountain chain to Andratx in the south. No hills, but "real" mountains, as the highest peak of Majorca proves: 1446 meters is the Puig Major high. Pursuant to keep nature in the mountains just shy animals and scattered groups of walkers on. In particular, as a starting point or Alaró East and not the much better known Valldemossa elect, moves on remote trails.
A beer with the locals

Alaró The small village at the foot of the eponymous castle provides no accommodation for tourists, but a truly Majorcan Plaza. In the surrounding cafes only locals sip their fresh Cañas or weary hiker, the old fort on well 800 meters altitude have climbed. A few miles further towards the west lies the tiny village called Orient. Who creates it up to here, understands why the village is one of the safest places to be in Majorca. Orient consists only of a few stone houses, a church without a tower, two restaurants and a hotel in the former country mansion. Just around the mountains, mixed forests and olive groves. Einsamer is unlikely.

In the Southeast: Natural Mondragó
Nature, dreamy bays and fishing for individualists: In contrast to the east of Majorca is the southeast around the Parc Natural Mondragó just in time have been under protection. In the nature reserve are therefore virtually undeveloped sandy beaches, lagoons, dune systems and extensive pine forests to find. Both hikers and fans of romantic beach coves come here - but not in masses.
Unspoilt view of Picture Book

Who migrates further towards the north, meets Salinen, rocks and cliffs. Just south of the park includes the picturesque fishing village of Cala Figuera. In a deep, two-bay, the port may be the most beautiful of the island. Despite the scenic surroundings of Cala Figuera has been a destination for individualists remained. Because the nearest beaches are a bit away. It takes some effort to reach them: By bike, by car, boat or mini Shuttle - just not a goal for the masses.
The monastery
Monasteries served the people have always been a place of refuge. Some seek their salvation, peace and solitude, while others hope for enlightenment. Monasteries are regarded worldwide as a peaceful and safe places. Fortunately, there are many like this in Mallorca - you can even stay in them. The monastery Lluc for example, lies in a valley of the Serra de Tramuntana in the northwest of the island. Wonderfully lonely, especially at night. How good that the first Sunday in August is also gone. Because on this day pilgrimage each year, more than 12 000 believers on the pilgrimage Lluc. The danger of crowds should therefore be banned.
Sleeping in the monastery cell

Otherwise, tourists who are in search of the Majorca beyond swimming and celebrations are several other monasteries open to the hermitage of La Victoria, the sanctuary of San Salvador, the monasteries of San Honorat and Nostra Senyora de Cura. In contrast to the known Lluc Mallorca found only a few tourists on the last sanctuaries. Therefore they should be expected to be with him, the world and a few monks to be alone.
Inland: Agrotourism
The rabbit and sheep listen: Not new, but all the more an individual is called Agroturismo on Mallorca. Translated, this type of holiday as much as rural tourism. So holiday and leisure activities in rural-rural environment. That means away from the cities, beyond the noisy beach bars, and overcrowded Legebatteriestränden celebrating masses.
Holidays on the farm

But the accommodations are more lovingly prepared. Often there are old converted fincas and country houses of natural stone in the interior. Stylish and luxurious, with a pool, roof terraces and gardens. Many of these fincas are hidden in the heart of the island between olive groves and sheep pastures. You find is often not so simple. Still it could be difficult for tourists with a small budget will be. Because prices are the exclusive country hotels and fincas Agroturismo-well above the mass of hostels in the urban centers.