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Mallorca thrives on tourism

Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. Above all, German and British tourists, with 3624 square kilometers, the largest of the Balearic islands for decades to keep the faith.
But some 3.5 million German in the year to spend their holidays on the between Menorca and Ibiza, located in the northeast to the southwest island, whose main source of income is now tourism. But even in Spain, which goes to France and the United States most important travel destination in the world, the economic crisis pass without trace, the boom years erstmal seem to be over.

In view of declining tourist numbers reach Spain's Cabinet decided in late July in Mallorca, the tourism industry, with around one billion euros under the arms. After the recent attacks Basque separatists Majorcan hoteliers now fear further revenue losses. For the tourism industry that would be a nightmare scenario, because the tourism in Spain is contributing approximately eleven percent of GDP, and are about 1.5 million people into work. In the first half of 2009, the number of foreign visitors fell in comparison with the previous year by 11.4 percent.
Above all, Mallorca Agriculture coined until 1950, although there was before the civil war 1935 first approaches to tourism. How the Tourism Professor Karl Born (Wernigerode) can report that in 1934 there were 37 German tourists. The boom began in the 50s and 60s, not least by the German economic miracle and the first charter airlines. But from 1950 to 1970 the number of tourists rose by the 22-fold. Today, revenue from tourism account