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Mallorca real estate: vacation homes bring high returns

Holiday Rental Properties in Mallorca throw at an average of 7.4 percent a year. Sea view is in high demand, the main motive for the acquisition is the own use. Capital investment and hiring are often subordinated reasons.

The dream of owning a home at the resort were the Germans on average cost 191 000 € (2009: 189 0000 €). Approximately two-thirds took on this debt, one third of the owner could finance the purchase from its own resources. With an average of 14 200 euros in annual rental income, they could well take more than € 400 in 2009. First and foremost is the increase to the higher utilization of the property due in 2010 were the objects of an average of 23 weeks are rented each year. In relation to the purchase price, the owners have generated an average return of 7.4 percent.
But that was only 45 percent of the lessor importance. Their main motive: "... because it gives me pleasure to have guests who can spend a nice time" (53 percent). Profit from investment to attract just stood third among the reasons for hire. More than half of respondents (52 percent), however, was important to cover the rental income with current costs. The cooperation with local tourist facilities, catering, car rentals or the trade is becoming increasingly important. How it works half of all landlords partnerships with third parties.
The biggest influence on the value creation potential of a vacation property, the situation (82 percent of respondents), followed closely by the state (64.7 percent). Their success seems right to give. Around two thirds of the property in Mallorca have risen in value - on average by 27.9 percent since their purchase. So that it stays that way, or the value increased further to 45 percent of respondents within the next two years investing in their homes.