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Mallorca Real Estate: Tips for sellers of a property in Mallorca

The worst of the Property – Crisis in Mallorca is over, butthe property market in Mallorca is still a buyer's market. The era of big discounts is over, but the time of the price increases has not come yet.

The sellers of real estate, we want to give you some rules to the hand so that we as a real estate broker can sell your property, villa, apartment or your plot successfully.

The biggest mistake would be if you ask too much for your property. In a market that tends to lower prices, it means to be realistic and conservative. Set too high prices are not very useful, because similar items are already on the market. For potential buyers the property market would quickly sidelined. The "right price" is usually not the one who got the neighbor a year ago. It is better to observe the current offers on the Internet or in newspapers and magazines and talking to brokers. When an object is very long on the market, it is clear that the price is too high. Do not be surprised if we take your property from over-optimistic price expectations not only in our offer.

An error is often refuse the first offer, although it is close to the price of its own performances. hope in the crisis to a very high supply remains mostly a mistake, especially since the money does not sit so loose and mortgages are hard to get. Often the first offer comes from people who have been waiting on the object and who like the house.

A low offer should not be offended or reject grundweg do about it. It is better to first explore whether this price is still negotiable. In addition, one should consider that such offers help to find the minimum price for the property.

In a competitive market with much competition, it is particularly important to stand out with a well-ADAPTED house. It is clear that operate water, electricity and gas need. It may also be useful to paint the walls, rooms and elevators to dispose of old objects and furniture.

Check early, as it looks at the prospective buyer with financing. He really gets a mortgage? Do not accept terms that couple the conclusion of a previous sale of home.

Put us all the documents that we need to sell a copy available. Can we all show a prospect directly relavant documents, this creates trust and allows for rapid examination by a lawyer and the bank when it comes as close as possible to receive a concrete offer to buy.