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Mallorca real estate: tax declaration in Mallorca


From Monday the 3rd of May may on be the tax returns are made in Mallorca. A rude awakening is there for all those who have taken the 1,000 € scrapping aid.

Earlier than in past years, the so-called Campaña de la renta, the deadline for income tax declaration (declaración de IRPF) has begun. Since 5 April, the forms can be requested at the tax and modified. The period in which the so-called borradores must be filed begins, but not until 3 May Until 30 June, the taxpayers will have time to declare their input and output.

For the fiscal year 2009, there are a number of news affecting mainly the unemployed and the self-employed, but not only.

The scrapping has for many proud owners of a new car in Spain a sequel: for all who have in recent years the so-called "Plan 2000 E" claimed, have this year to make a tax return. This also applies to car buyers who an annual gross income of less than 22,000 euros and have been previously exempted from going to the tax office. Then now pointed to the Spanish Treasury, which it Extraeinnahmen expected to be around 100 million euros. would average each of the state aid of EUR 1,000 to purchase a new cars have claimed, about 240 € pay extra taxes, it was said by the

Given the strained economic situation in Spain, the tax for severance payments has been increased across the country. Instead of 20 days now 45 days per year worked will be taken to the base. Maximum of 42 months will be counted. This applies to all people, after 8 March 2009 lost their jobs for economic reasons, and get paid for it by their employer a severance payment, a so-called finiquito have.

Paid pensions
Long-term unemployed who find themselves after the expiry of unemployment in economic hardship may be already pay out early on the accumulated private pension funds (plan de pensiones). Previously this was only possible for retirement, serious illness or disability. The sum of the resolution of the pension fund must be taxable, however. The depreciation of the pension schemes have not changed compared to last year. Who vorsorgt for the period after retirement, can sell up to 10,000 € per year. For taxpayers over 50, the maximum sum rises to 12,500 euros.

Rentals / Rent
Tenants with low income are tax benefits. Persons whose tax base is € 24 020, can make claim to a maximum of 10.05 per cent € 9015 per year. Owners can deduct 50 percent of the income received, which they receive for renting an apartment. This percentage may increase in the Balearic Islands to 100 percent if the tenant 18-35 years old. This is more affordable housing for young people to be created. Especially in Palma are free thousands of dwellings are not rented.

Tax relief for all
The annual tax relief in the amount of 400 € for both employees and self-maintained, according to the Treasury.

How to give your tax return

Whether someone declare his income in Spain should be that both of the residence as also on the level of income. If gross income is above 22,000 euros and the money is available from only one employer, the income must be declared. With more employers the duty does not apply to 11 200 €. Tax in general, all employed persons who reside in Spain more than 183 days a year. German pensioner in Spain are also subject to the Double Taxation Agreement. Who lives in Spain and in receipt of a private pension from Germany, must pay his taxes in Spain. Officials, however, have their pensions taxed in Germany.

How it works
The easiest way to tax return (declaración de renta) is the mere confirmation of the form (borrador), which one gets sent to or request by phone 901-12 12 24 or 901-20 03 45 may. It is also possible to borrador on the homepage of the tax office to confirm: The condition is that has changed over the previous year nothing.
Who's tax return for the first time alone will make about this, the Internet templates and utilities. For this, you charge the utility Padre down. "First, click on the box" Ciudadanos "go on the link" Renta in 2009. In the "tramitación de servicios de ayuda disponibles" located at the bottom of the link "Descarga programa de ayuda Renta 2009 - PADRE. "Anyone who downloads the program, but should the Spanish be powerful.

Advice from the Tax
Even easier, of course, consult a specialist or directly help the Tax Office (Renda Agile) to take advantage. An appointment you can now agree on the phone 901-22 33 44 or visit the Balearic tax authority ( The service staff will direct you to the nearest office of the tax. From 6 May, 30 June directed the tax back on a counseling center, which this year Riskal complex (located on the road from Palma to Establiments is housed bus line 16).