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Mallorca Real Estate: Son Baco-golf course or a factory in Campos


While calls for the chairman of the Balearic Enterprise Association CAEB, Josep Oliver, "at least five other golf courses" for Mallorca, which threatens the left-nationalist coalition had planned to Campos at a place to break. The approval for the construction of Son Baco, the name of the place, still comes from the previous Conservative government of Partido Popular and Union Mallorquina (UM). But the coalition around President Antich, led by coalition partners PSM (Partido Socialista de Mallorca), rejects any additional course firmly. This concerns mainly the Socialists to the environment.
While it is true that require golf courses in arid areas such as Majorca extraordinary amount of water. But agriculture consumes far more water and does not bring nearly as much prosperity to the island. The tourism industry therefore, strongly defended the project: "Golf tourists rent cars to go into restaurants and great shopping. After the yacht tourism is the group that makes the most money on the island, "said CAEB President Oliver. Why the six coalition parties argue only now on the golf course? Although has been detained in the coalition agreement between the PSOE, PSM, the Bloc and the Union Mallorquina to be approved, no new places. But the UM president and Tourism Minister Miquel Nadal has argued that the place in Campos do not fall under the agreement because the building permit was issued for several years. As ruled in the municipality of Campos also the UM, has found Mayor Guillem Nadal Ginard into a powerful ally. For the community, the golf course is extremely important: While lying on the area of Campos some of the most beautiful beaches in Majorca as it Trenc. But as these are protected, the tourist infrastructure rather meager. Thus, there are hardly any hotels in the town. While the tourists visiting the beaches, but have no money. Despite numerous attempts at mediation meets Prime Minister Francesc Antich in increasingly hardened front: While the UM is on the golf course, rejects any concessions from the PPP decided. Although the town of several new hotels have been promised, they should move away from Son Baco. But Mayor Ginard did not trust his promises. Especially piquant: tourism minister after Nadal, former pupil of President of Parliament Maria Antonia Munar, his amendment, even after threats of Antich not retired, he was summoned two days later by the prosecutor: Toward the politician was brought out for years in a drawer hidden corruption. Also, another UM-politician was simultaneously summoned by the prosecutor. Nadal is set to testify in late April, but remains intact until the proof of guilt all his offices. To change the fundamental question of the political shenanigans little: What are the islanders live? Would not it be tourism, then you would need industry because of the Mahr of a self-sufficient island with well-functioning agriculture not even believe the left wing of the PPP. Whether it would be more environmentally friendly plants for the island, is doubtful. Finally, there are studies to see the golf courses even as protected habitats for rare flora and fauna. Factory chimneys and more beautiful than the sight of green grass is all.