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Mallorca Real Estate: Property prices in Mallorca rise again

The Balearic Islands recorded the highest price increase in resale properties in Spain. Compared to last quarter of last year the price per square meter increased by 2.4 percent

The price of Property resales was in the first half of 2010 with an average of € 2286. They are 2.4 percent more than at the end of last year. Thus, the Balearic Islands, the region with the strongest price increase in Spain.
Here, inflation fell in the various communities in different ways.
In Llucmajor, prices rose by 4.1 percent (1948 € / m2), in Calvia by 3.8 percent (2750 € / m2) and in Palma by 2.3 percent (2333 € / m2). Inca In contrast, they fell by two percent.

Particularly interested in the focus of commercial property available around the island's capital Palma de Mallorca. The seasonal changes of the Balearic Islands this year are expected to invest roughly € of companies to establish themselves in the Balearic Islands.

The road to independence Mallorca is full of pitfalls. Good preparation is needed. The real estate providers AM Inmobiliaria y Promociones Property Mallorca not only advises on choosing the right commercial property.

Majorca is attractive to people. The steady growth of the island's population occupies das. It takes many years to the number of Germans who are sitting on the island not only to rest or give a second home to sunny, but look here their professional happiness.
The number of self-reported German Mallorca rising steadily for years. So obviously it's there, the dream of his own company, from the independence among palm trees. But he is not always a happy ending.
Thus, a detailed business plan is a prerequisite. There are also a number of questions that should be clarified at an early stage. "What a business should it be? Can I? Where do I establish the business? How do I get clients? Do I have sufficient savings? Do I plan expenditure on advertising? If I can in Spanish? Is the German language? Where my children go to school? "
It is these things that new entrepreneurs make Mallorca the often difficult life. Even Ursula Müller-Breitkreutz argues for a careful preparation of the business launch in Spain. "Unlike Germany, taxes are an obligation in this country," says the Balearic delegates of the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain. Some German entrepreneurs in Mallorca made so many years of ignorance no return. "Sooner or later it will of course lead to problems with the tax office," says Müller-Breitkreutz.
Anyway, it founders in Spain have difficulty. According to a recent EU study is the "start up" process in any other EU country so long and expensive as this country. This largely corresponds to the experience of Victor Arenas by the Association of small and medium-sized businesses in Mallorca (Pimem): "The more complex the business idea, the more paperwork there is to do."